10 Interesting Back To School Crafts for Kids

10 Best Back to School Crafts for Children

Summer break is one of the best times of the year for kids. The excitement of the new school year, meeting old friends, and doing new stuff is some of the things that can get kids all excited about going to school! Well, here we have some exciting back to school crafts for preschoolers and kindergartners that kids would love to make, and these crafts would also get them all thrilled and excited about going to school.

Easy Back to School Craft Ideas for Kids

Let’s look at some fantastic and easy to make first day of school crafts ideas that kids would love to engage in:

1. Popsicle Stick Bookmark

Here is one very easy to make back to school crafts for toddlers and preschoolers that requires minimal supplies to create something utterly magical!

What You Will Need 

  • One big popsicle stick (buy one from any craft store, or you can use a leftover popsicle stick too)
  • A pair of wobbly eyes
  • Black marker
  • Few bright coloured crayons
  • Glue


  • Assemble all the required material in one place. If you are using a leftover popsicle stick, make sure to wash it properly and dry it completely before using it.
  • Ask your kid to colour the popsicle stick in any pattern he likes. He can draw vertical lines, horizontal lines, or make small circles all over the stick. Make sure both sides are coloured well.
  • Dust off any extra colour on the stick or else it may stick on the pages of the books.
  • Using the black marker, draw a smiley mouth close to the top end or the tip of the stick.
  • Stick the wobbly eyes next to each other, at a little distance from the smiley mouth. Let them dry completely before using it.

2. Watercolour Bookmark

This bookmark is fairly simple and easy to make and makes for a spectacular gift for friends, teachers, or anyone your kid wishes to gift it to!

What You Will Need 

  • A drawing paper sheet
  • Watercolours
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • A mixing plate or paint palette
  • A glass of water
  • Marker pens
  • A piece of thin ribbon (optional)


  • Cut the drawing sheet in the required size, which is 7 by 2 inches.
  • Dip the paintbrush in water and coat the drawing sheet with water strokes.
  • Squeeze out a few blobs of different colours on a mixing tray and dilute them by adding few drops of water.
  • Dip the brush in one colour and drop the colour on the wet paper.
  • Move paper in different directions to let the colour drop spread around.
  • Use a different colour to do the same.
  • Keep repeating by using different colours until you get a fascinating pattern. Let the colour dry completely.
  • Use marker pens in contrasting shades to draw the lines on all the edges.
  • Punch a hole in the centre at one of the ends.
  • Run a ribbon through and secure it by tying a knot.

3. Mason Jar Pencil Holder

This amazing back to school DIY crafts for kids is a great way to organise desk and keep it neat and tidy!

What You Will Need 

  • A mason jar
  • A few bright-coloured paints
  • Black paint
  • A paintbrush
  • Small stencils (in two to three shapes)
  • A piece of jute string (10-12 inches)
  • Glue


  • Paint the topmost part of the jar in yellow colour and the rest of the jar in blue colour. You may have to paint a couple of times to get the proper shade. Once you’re happy with it, let it dry.
  • Make random stencil patterns using contrasting colours on the jar and let it dry.
  • For a better finish, you can help your kid by detailing the images using the black paint and a thin paintbrush.
  • Take out some glue in a dish. Take the jute string and smear glue all over it.
  • Secure the jute string around the neck of the jar and let it dry.

4. DIY School Bus Photo Frame

This is one of the most interesting back to school art projects that kids of all age groups would love to work on. Here’s how you can make it!

What You Will Need

  • 8 big craft sticks
  • Black, silver, and yellow paints
  • Mixing plate
  • A paintbrush
  • Craft glue
  • Two big red round buttons or craft jewels
  • Scissors
  • Any small printable sticker like Back to School
  • Few adhesive magnets


  • Paint six craft sticks in yellow, one in black and one in silver colour. Leave them for drying.
  • Make a square structure using four craft (3 yellow and 1 silver) sticks. Stick the ends with glue.
  • Keeping the silver craft stick at the bottom, stick one yellow stick above it and place one yellow stick below the yellow stick that’s on top.
  • Cut the black craft stick into half and stick the ends at the bottom of the frame to make them look like wheels.
  • Stick the buttons at the bottom of the frame to make them appear like lights.
  • Let the photo frame dry completely before fitting the photo in it. You can trim and add glue blobs on the edges to the stick the picture to the frame.
  • Place adhesive magnets on the back of the frame and place it anywhere your kid likes!

5. Personalised Notebook

Have your kiddo style his personal notebook with small trinkets available at home. Get creative with whatever you have at home and make a stylish notebook!

What You Will Need 

  • A hardcover spiral notebook
  • A foam sheet in any bright colour
  • A handful of fancy buttons in different colours and sizes
  • Glitter tubes in two to three colours
  • Few stickers (you can pick up any superhero or cartoon character your kiddo likes)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Take the foam sheet and cut it to cover the front and back of the notebook.
  • Stick the sheet to the covers using the glue.
  • Take a glitter tube to cover all the edges of the foam sheet and give the notebook a neater appearance.
  • Place the buttons randomly on any two opposite sides in bunches. Secure them with glue.
  • Place stickers all over the notebook as your kid likes.
  • Let the notebook dry completely before using it!

6. Pinecone Art

Pinecones can be used to create some stunning art for your kid’s room, and it looks absolutely beautiful!

What You Will Need 

  • 1 earthen pot
  • 1 pinecone
  • Glue
  • Red and green paint
  • Golden glitter
  • A paintbrush


  • Clean the pinecone nicely and let it dry before painting it.
  • Once it’s dry, paint the entire pinecone using the green paint. Leave it for drying.
  • Meanwhile, paint the earthen pot with red paint and let it dry as well.
  • Smear glue on the bottom edge of the pinecone and on the open edges of the pot to secure the pinecone on it.
  • Dip the paintbrush in glue and make random strokes on the pinecone.
  • Sprinkle golden glitter over the glue strokes. Let it dry. After drying, shake the pot gently to get rid of the excess glitter.
  • Your stunning pinecone art is ready!

7. DIY Chalkboard

Kids can make their own little chalkboard to scribble, draw or write anything they wish to, and it’s an absolute treat for them!

What You Will Need 

  • Crafting wood in a size you want to make the board in (a good size is 10 by 8 inches)
  • Collage clay
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Fancy stones in different shapes and sizes


  • Take the wooden board and paint it with the =chalkboard paint. You may have to paint the board a few times to achieve the perfect chalkboard feel. For best results, follow the instructions on the paint label. Let the board dry completely before decorating it.
  • Take the collage clay and start squeezing it on all edges to make a border.
  • Take the stones and start placing them in any fashion or design before the clay dries up. Random placement of small and big stones will look more appealing. Let the clay dry completely.
  • For a simpler activity, you can opt for unfinished chalkboards that are readily available at craft stores and make one as per instructions along with it or in any way you like it!

8. Funky Pencil Case

This interesting activity will get your kid all excited and geared up to go to school!

What You Will Need 

  • Foam sheet approximately 9by6 inches in green colour (or any colour you like)
  • Blue yarn (you can pick up yarn in any contrasting colour)
  • A plastic needle
  • 2 wobbly eyes
  • 3 to 4 inches of sticky double-sided Velcro
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Craft glue


  • Take the foam sheet, and divide and fold it into three parts in 2:2:1 ratio. Make creases to facilitate sewing.
  • Fold the 2:2 part and secure the side edges using the yarn and needle by making the same sized loops at equal distances on both the open sides, leaving the top flap open.
  • Take the double-sided Velcro and place one on the inner edge of the flap and one on the opposite side, which is the upper edge of the case, so that the Velcro seals the case.
  • Take the wobbly eyes and place them in the centre of the open flap.
  • Keep your pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and other essential stationery items in the pouch!

9. DIY Zipper Pouch

This is one of the easiest craft ideas for younger kids or toddlers, and they will have a great time making it!

What You Will Need 

  • One solid coloured zipper pouch
  • Glow paints
  • A paintbrush
  • Stencils in funky shapes (optional)
  • Mixing plate


  • Take the glow paints and make random abstract shapes on the pouch using a paintbrush.
  • Alternatively, you can take different coloured paints on a mixing plate and dip stencils in it and print some funky designs on the pouch. Make sure to keep the patterns minimalist to avoid the pouch from looking too shabby.

10. Pom-Pom Pencil Holder

This pencil holder can be a colourful addition to your kid’s study, and it can be made in very little time and effort, here’s what you need to do!

What You Will Need 

  • An empty cola can
  • Felt sheet in a white or lighter colour
  • Fabric glue
  • Small multi-coloured pom-poms


  • Get rid of the top cover of the cola can. Wash it nicely and let it dry.
  • Cut the felt sheet a little more than the length and width of the can. Secure the ends with glue.
  • Cover the felt around the can. Make a few vertical cuts on the felt that extends from the top and bottom sides of the can and secure them on the bottom and inside of the can with glue.
  • Take the pom-poms and stick them randomly on the holder with the help of glue. Let it dry, and your Pom-Pom Pencil Holder is ready!

These are some back to school craft activities that your kindergartener or preschooler would enjoy to the hilt. You can make changes to these activities according to the material available with you and make something exciting of your own!

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