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Mom of a 5 m old boy

hello doctor, for my baby all 3 months vaccination has been done with vaccines penta,rota, and OPV. but IPV was not given during all 3 months. is there any problem if we are not taken IPV?? but 3 doses OPV has been given. if we are not taken IPV means is there any problem?? is that compulsory to take?? because all 3 months vaccination has been completed for my baby with penta, rota, and opv. if it is compulsory means when we need to take? and how many dose we need to take? if we take that IPV after the schedule is there any problem?? because IPV availability in our place is very rare.

1 Answer
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician1 month ago
A. minimum one dosage of injectable polio vaccine has to be given to the child for proper immunity so kindly contact your doctor who will give you injectable polio vaccine which is now available as a single vaccine in private setup also
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