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Mom of a 2 m old boy
3 Answers
ExpertShiwajirao patil PaediatricianPaediatrician1 week ago
A. Hello, your baby boy is 2 months old and he use to sleep less than normal so see if he has Uncomfortable sleeping conditions Less breast milk feeding Coliky pain in his tummy
ExpertDr GhousePaediatrician1 week ago
A. that is lot of individual variation in the sleeping pattern of small babies if the baby is otherwise comfortable with the sleep baby is having taking feeding normally and passing urine adequately no need to worry
shreyaMom of a 2 yr 9 m old boy1 week ago
A. Hello mom Some babies don’t take proper sleep and this is very common in babies. They can be two reasons behind it first that baby is hungry. And second reason can be colic. You can check baby’s stomach if you decide then baby is having colic. Then you can apply hing and water mixture on baby stomach it will help baby to pass gas and give relief in pain
Mom of a 9 m old boy
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Mom of a 2 m old boy
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