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Kirutika KaliyaperumalMom of 3 children9 months ago
amm expecting 5he same. hope for best.
RADHIKAMom of a 1 yr 7 m old boy1 Year ago
i have been facing same being so horrible for parents when you are get such comments. but it does not mean that baby would not become healthy.
nafisaMom of a 4 yr 1 m old boy1 Year ago
The pain of pre term baby can b understood only by a mother who has delivered a preemie.. Yes they r ur bundle. Of joy but their development is very different from normal children. The biggest mistake a premie's mother can is do is comparison.. Whether it's u who does it or ur peers constantly poking u.. That the baby is so small.. So fragile or not walking not turning to left or right by itself.. Not crawling.not saying ga ga g gu gu. Etc.. The list is endless. Taking care of dese tiny babies is extremely challanging and expensive. Their entire metabolism is slow, their entire gut isn't fully muturee to digest the milk be it bm or fm. Desi nuskha, Medicines or gripe water is big NO . (But I gv mother sparsh gripe water accordingly) U don't get to sleep, lockdown, lack of maid, husband (boon of he helps too. Bane is he is too a man child), home itself becomes a pressue cooker for ur mind.U r always ready to burst. Only patience, meditation,yoga, crying before ur GOD and seeking his help to gv u more strength helps. Time flys by but very slowly.. But once it passes. And ur child is at least 1.5 yrs old.. Ur struggle will strt to fade away . By the time baby is 2 yo.. He will b like ny other baby and u will den njoy ur fruits of labour, pain and tears. I had delivered 600 gm baby who today alhumdulilalah by God's grace is 2 yo. I have been on rollor coaster ride from "no chances of survival" to this date. I have a problem of not able to recall the bad phases of my life.. U can say I'm Gajni in that matter. Honestly I dont much remember those phases when my baby ws 1.5 kg.. How i fed him from vati spoon, in Nicu his leg ws fractured(happened bymistake from. Nurse who ws massaged.... PS..he ws In Pune's most expensive NICU). Whatever.. See i can't recall much.. Jo b hai..woh kal tha and today at present I feel blessed. U just hv to gear up ur patience level.. Keep calm.. God has blessed u with a baby so HE knows u r capable. Take care of urself, eat properly, do some excercises and take a deep breath... Ye Waqt bhi guzar jayga
Nadeem KhanFather of 3 children1 Year ago
really it is a great struggle and a great long way only for parents
NeelamMom of 2 children4 years ago
I have birth to a baby girl at 32 weeks, she weighed around 1200 gms. Even though she was premature she was healthy and active. However she could not take breastfeed since she weak. So for two months I had to express my milk and feed her using a spoon (I never used a bottle to feed her). It was difficult and the baby was not gaining much weight . Once she turned 2 months, she started taking breastfeed directly and thereafter things became much easier. She also started putting on weight. Her growth was normal too and she was achieving her milestones in time. After about a year no one could tell she was a premature born child. Today she is healthy and beautiful 12 year girl.
divyuMom of a 2 yr old girl1 Year ago
more power to all the mom's
TinaMom of 2 children1 Year ago
It's really painful being the parent of a preemie. As a mom of a premature baby I suffered a lot during my initial days of motherhood but it's all worthy when your baby is fine. I gave birth to a preemie of 34 weeks and his weight was only 1700 grms at the time of birth. I really don't know why it's happened with me but when I got to know that my baby is a preemie, same time I had decided to give special care and all my time to my baby. Now he is 2.5 months old and fine. I am really very happy for him.
MeenakshiGuardian of a 5 yr 2 m old girl1 Year ago
can't explain in words, just love ur little one bcz every pain is worth when baby is in ur lap by end of the day
Divya LadiMom of 2 children1 Year ago
My baby had eye immaturity
Nahida AnjumMom of a 6 yr 11 m old girl1 Year ago
no I don't had the premature baby
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