Firstcry Parenting
Parenting Firstcry
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  • 1. Mosquitos Guard Pant / Diaper are controlled by the player with the help of joystick /arrow buttons on bottom right screen
  • 2. Each Player has 3 lives available
  • 3. Player has to clear 3 levels in the game
  • 4. The player with the highest point will be winner
  • 5. If Mosquito hit the Mosquito Guard Pant, the Player loses a life
  • 6. Neem Oil (in green) is a power booster to kill the extra mosquitos and get you extra points
  • 7. Get 10 points for every yellow dot collected with the Mosquito Guard Pants
  • 8. Leadership board allows the player to record their name and score to be in the race of Top 10 winners per day