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Ranu yadavGuardian of a 6 m old boy1 day ago
stretch marks and health
jagritiMom of a 2 yr 6 m old girl5 days ago
I think its not at all necessary to be fit just in appearance but to be fit inside also because a women although gains weight during pregnancy but looses alot from her body too while delivering a baby. Primarily gaining back the health is important not the curves.Those who participate in body shaming should be first ashamed of themselves.
Priya jaimMom of a 7 m old boy1 week ago
A women lose her beauty after giving birth a child is totally myth because women will be more beautiful after giving birth to a child so being keep herself fit is good but any women judge by her fitness and beauty is tottally not acceptable so womens dont worry about her fitness for atleast 1 year after giving a birth because one thing is more important comparatively to your health is baby health and this all fullfill by mother feed only so keep focus on your good diet for your baby after that your life is yours to maintain yourself and keep yourself fit and beautiful so dont do your focua on societies gupshup. because its all about your baby grpwth and development that should be priority of yours for first one year .
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dr vatsalaMom of a 2 yr 4 m old boy5 days ago
After giving birth women is actually not fit cos her whole body has changed including her spine.. ladies you have to be fit for yourself n be fitness conscious to be health in long run and not for the society
rukhs rocksMom of a 1 m old girl1 week ago
stretch marks 😭😔
RamaMom of a 1 yr 9 m old girl1 week ago
its a very love beautiful
Baldeep Kaur KundraMom of 2 children3 months ago
being fit after pregnancy is not bad at all. ones figure change but get into figure is for oneself so that no disease or problem come in future. but be beautiful like society wants or pressure is not at all accepted. to maintain ones figure, weight, and body is need for everyone so that they can live healthy life.
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Sania AslamMom of 2 children2 months ago
A woman lose her physical beauty to give birth to a new life....motherhood is heavenly thing.....every woman wants to be a mother one day... no one has the right to criticize any one on the basis of ones' body shape or looks.... but every woman should try to be of weaknesses and not slim or up to the beauty standards of society.
SARADHAMom of a 1 yr 9 m old boy3 weeks ago
Motherhood is a series of changes in a female body over a course of 9 months to create a little human. It is absurd to expect everything to reset or unwind to normalcy soon after delivery. Body takes its own time to recover. Fitness is more important post pregnancy to cater to the needs of the growing infant be it breastfeeding or taking care of the baby. The social pressure to get fit and glam according to their beauty standards is vanity and educated women must not conform to it. It is the woman's decision to decide her course of weight-loss and fitness as a lot of factors such as health complications, family support to care for baby, etc are involved.
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Varsha DeepakGuardian of a 4 m old girl1 month ago
helo friends..I don't why we all female's feel shy bcos of our weight gain after delivery.🤰🤱actually this is because of society who think that female should always look wht to do's very tough to a female to dress herself before pregnancy nd after pregnancy a huge amount of fat deposits in our body..a men cn maintain his for female it's very a days we r working.....doing shifts...nd than household work... no time for us.....ohhh really I m mother of 2 now nd my daughter is 2 months old whole day I m busy in household work nd baby time for to rubbish people's of society make fun of any postnatal mother...I don't know......
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