Meaning of Marquis

  • Name :marquis
  • Meaning :of the border,marquis how a young man name is pronounced mar-keece, mar-kiss, mar-kee. it is the old french origin, and the meaning of marquis is "nobleman; lord of the borderlands". originally a title of nobility for aristocrats whose holdings were at risk border (the trademark). it is a lower rank than the duke, but higher than the count, viscount or baron. as a personal name it may be affected by the name, derived from the latin marcus. phonetic variants show that parents prefer mar-keece, probably with the marquis as the name of title. marquis (mar-kiss) is a variant of a scottish surname. the football players marquez pope; baseball player marquis grissom. the shape of the sea-.,a title of nobility, the gentry,the ruler of the borderlands
  • Gender :Boy

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