Alexander Name Meaning

  • Name :alexander
  • Meaning :alejandro as a boy's name (also less often than the girls of name alexander) is pronounced al-ek-zan-the. it is of greek origin, and the importance of alexander, is the man and his defender, warrior". the latin form of the greek name alexandros. the name was probably coined originally as a title of the goddess hera, wife of zeus. alexander the great (356-323 bc) conquered and ruled the greater part of the known world before his death at the age of 33. the story describes him as a man of high physical courage, impulsive energy, and the fire of the imagination. it was a real name in scotland. see also lexer. the english poet alexander pope; american statesman alexander hamilton; actors sir alec guinness, alec baldwin; american secretary of state alexander haig; soviet writer and dissident alexander solzhenitsyn; writer alexandre dumas.,defender of man,defender of men, warriors,defenders of the people,the defence of the men
  • Gender :Boy

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