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When Can You Take a Newborn Outside?

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Many people believe that a new mother and baby should stay indoors for several weeks. However, there is no medical requirement for doing the same. So when should you ideally step outside with your baby? Well, we shall be answering this and other such queries in the following article.

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When Is It Safe to Take a Newborn Out in Public?

Are you thinking when to take your newborn baby out in public? If your baby is hale and hearty and there is no medical condition that may require your baby to stay indoors, you can take him outside. Until or unless your doctor advises you to stay indoors with your baby, which generally happens if your baby is born premature, has some immunity-related condition, or other medical condition that may require him to stay indoors, you can take your baby outside whenever you think he is ready.

Tips for Taking Your Newborn Baby Out of the House

It can be pretty daunting for parents to take their newborn baby out for the first time. To ease out your worries we suggest that you take help from the following tips when you take your newborn out of the house:

1. Make Him Wear Proper Clothes

Ensure that your baby is dressed up properly before taking him out of the house. In winter, your baby should wear ample layers of clothing, his feet, hands, and head should be properly covered. In summers, avoid the midday sun and dress up your baby in loose cotton clothes.

2. Take Necessary Baby Supplies

No matter for how long you are out with your baby, you need to carry your baby’s bag that should have all the essential supplies such as diapers, burp cloths, changing sheet, breastfeeding cover, etc. Make sure your baby bag has all the required supplies, and you should keep it handy for your all outdoor visits.

3. Start Small

Whenever you plan to take your newborn out for the first time, start by going for shorter trips rather than going out for the entire day. Once your baby feels comfortable, you can begin extending the length of your trip. The ideal first-day trip can be a trip to a park or a short walk in your locality.

Start Small

4. Stay Away From Crowded Areas

There is no doubt that your baby’s immunity is very low in the initial few months after birth, and exposing him to places with more number of people would mean exposing him to more number of germs. Therefore, make sure that the places you choose to take your baby should not be crowded with people.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Newborn babies have sensitive skin and exposing them to direct sunlight may lead to sunburns. Sunlight is good for your baby but ensure that you expose your baby to indirect sunlight and avoid the harsh sun on your baby’s skin.

6. Avoid Contact With Sick People

There is no rocket science in understanding the simple fact that babies should stay away from sick or unwell people because babies do not have a strong immune system. Therefore, make sure you avoid any close contact with sick people. Also, when you take your baby to the hospital for regular checkups, make sure you do not come in contact with other sick babies.

Benefits of Taking a Newborn Outside

Although some people believe that babies should stay within the close comfort and healthy surrounding of their house, doctors recommend otherwise. As per the doctors, taking your baby out of the house can be beneficial for him. Following are the benefits of taking your baby out of the house:

  • One aspect of taking your baby out in the open is exposing your baby to sunlight and Vitamin D. It is extremely beneficial for your growing baby’s bones.
  • Taking the baby out is also helpful for the newbie mommy as it may help her fight the postpartum depression. This may help the mother feel happy and positive, which in turn may help her in taking better care of her newborn baby.

Are there Any Risks If We Bring a Baby Out in Public?

Although it is safe to take your baby out in public, you should not undermine the risk of coming in contact with people who may have contagious medical conditions, as it may prove harmful to your newborn child. This is because your baby’s immune system is immature and still developing, which makes your baby more susceptible to various medical ailments and infections. Therefore, whenever you take your baby out, make sure you avoid coming in direct contact with sick people.

As a parent, you may require to take various precautions when taking your newborn baby out of the house. Furthermore, follow these tips mentioned above before stepping outside with your baby for the first time. Enjoy your outdoor trips but exercise safety and caution.

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