Oral Sex during Pregnancy – What’s Ok and What’s Not

Several expecting couples feel uncomfortable indulging in intercourse with a lively baby kicking and rolling in his mother’s womb during the act. However, it is important to understand that intercourse is not only important to ensure that the couple shares an intimate and joyful relationship, but also a way for the mother to enjoy her confinement. Besides the positions that doctors may recommend to ensure the baby’s safety, another option couples may want to try is oral sex.

If you and your partner are looking forward to experimenting with oral sex, here are a few things to consider before you go ahead.

Sex and Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is the result of a union of two bodies and minds in love with each other. While pregnancy itself is a truly life-changing experience for you as you ready yourself to bring a new life into the world, making love during pregnancy can be an urge a lot of women have. Sex is an important part of our lives, and you should have enough clarity about it especially during such a delicate phase.

Most pregnant couples have questions about sexual desire during pregnancy, like “Can you make love while pregnant”? and “Can you indulge in oral sex during this period”? Both queries are quite pertinent and should be addressed before indulging in the act.

Remember, your baby is well-protected by the strong muscles of the uterus and its natural protector, the amniotic fluid. Due to this, sexual activity between you and your partner will not affect the baby in any way.

What is Oral Sex?

Stimulating your partner’s sex organs using your tongue, lips,or mouth is known as oral sex. The licking or sucking of a woman’s vagina or clitoris or a man’s penis is included in this act.

Having sexual intercourse or oral sex becomes highly enjoyable during pregnancy due to increased blood supply to the vagina and labia. In fact, according to research, the chances of pre-term labour decreases if you have regular sex during pregnancy.

Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Oral sex during pregnancy is safe provided the right precautions are taken by both partners. While receiving oral sex, the woman should ensure that the partner does not blow air into the vagina. In rare cases, a blood vessel could get blocked due to the blowing of air which could result in a dangerous situation for the woman and her baby.

If you are feeling up to it and are having a normal pregnancy, it is fair enough to enjoy yourself and pleasure your partner as well without having any qualms about it.

Does Oral Sex during Pregnancy Harm the Baby?

Oral sex and pregnancy are related to each other since both conditions share the same body. The baby is unlikely to be harmed due to oral sex unless you get an air embolism, which is basically getting air into your bloodstream through the act. This action can cause complications not only to the baby but the mother too, so you will need to watch out.

Tips While Giving Oral Pleasure During Pregnancy

The human body, male or female, pregnant or otherwise, has its own sexual needs and urges. Oral sex can be as pleasurable as the sexas the complete genital and pelvic area including your uterus are engorged with blood therefore making it ultra-sensitive. If your partner can keep the tips mentioned below in mind while giving you oral pleasure during pregnancy, you could eliminate any complications that could arise:

  1. While receiving oral sex from your partner, ensure he does not blow air into your vagina as this could cause the blocking of an air vessel (also known as air embolism). This sudden air pressure could pose a risk to you and your baby and has proved life-threatening in certain cases. Though there is a limited possibility of this happening, it is best the couple is aware of it while indulging in oral sex
  2. Oral sex increases the chances of bacteria from the mouth to be transferred to the vagina, and vice versa, which could pose a great risk as far as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are concerned.
  3. There are chances that you could go into early labour as an orgasm can bring about contractions, leading to premature labour.
  4. Cold sores from your partner’s mouth could lead to the spread of viruses to your genital area which can lead to further complications. The use of dental dams (a stretchable latex rubber sheet placed over the mouth) by your partner is suggested to prevent infection.
  5. Understand each other’s anatomy well before indulging in oral sex, so the act is pleasurable and not painful.

Swallowing Semen While Pregnant

A common question asked by most expectant mothers who wish to perform oral sex on their male partner is,” Is sperm good for the baby during pregnancy”? In case you swallow your partner’s semen while pleasuring him orally, it is absolutely safe since the semen is absorbed into your system and does not reach your baby. However, it is better to ensure your partner is not infected with an STD as you could contract it too. This could lead to preterm labour and possible miscarriage too, amongst other complications.

Other facts

1. Will Oral Sex Induce Labour?

Doctors may ask you to abstain from sexual activity, especially when the due date is nearing as orgasms are known to promote contractions, though whether they can induce labour is yet to be scientifically validated through proper studies.

2. Does Pregnancy Lower Sexual Desire?

With pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many physical changes, not to mention the psychological ones. Your body bloats, your breasts become heavy and sensitive to touch while mood swings are also rampant.

Although the desire to have sex becomes dormant for a while, you would want physical proximity with your partner to satisfy sudden urges. The growing body though is a huge physical and emotional hurdle which both the partners find unsurmountable. Oral sex may be the best option in such a case, but this too will depend on the mental and emotional state of the mother-to-be, especially as the big day approaches.

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