List of 10 Suprising Health Benefits of Pregnancy

List of 10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most special and enjoyable experiences for any woman. The joy of motherhood is an unparalleled feeling and something which a mother treasures for her entire lifetime! But just like the icing on the cake, along with pregnancy comes certain health benefits!

What Are the Benefits of Pregnancy?

You would be surprised to know that apart from your little bundle of joy, pregnancy has even more to offer. When you become pregnant, there are certain changes that you embrace, which can indeed work wonders for your health and well-being. While it cannot be denied that the journey of pregnancy is a challenge in itself, you would soon realize how much the challenge was truly worth it. The health benefits of pregnancy are not only unexpected but also very helpful.

1. Say Hello to a Healthier Heart

One of the leading causes of heart diseases for women is the lack of estrogen. Pregnancy increases the level of estrogen in your body, therefore decreasing the risks of heart diseases. Apart from this, breastfeeding also keeps the level of diabetes and blood pressure in your body under control, thereby keeping the heart healthy.

2. Periods Are Much Easier Than Before

Most women have reported that period cramps decrease considerably after delivery, especially if it is a normal delivery. The obvious cause behind this is the stretching of the uterus while delivering the baby which causes easier and punctual periods later on after the pregnancy is over. The other reason behind this is the elimination of the prostaglandin (hormones that control the contraction of labour during delivery) receptor sites in the mother’s uterus while delivery.

Periods are better post pregnancy

3. Paves Way for a Great Conjugal Life

The major hormones produced during pregnancy, namely testosterone, progesterone and estrogen play a significant role in spicing up your sex life. Testosterone and estrogen are in fact the main sex hormones which are produced by your baby when you are pregnant. During the second trimester, the blood flows to the pelvic region increases, resulting in a better conjugal relationship.

4. Lesser Risks of Cancer

Changes that occur during pregnancy have a positive impact on your health, even reducing the risk of certain cancerous growths. The hormonal shifts because of breastfeeding and pregnancy reduce the risks of ovarian and endometrial cancer occurring, thereby making it one of the greatest benefits of being pregnant.

Lessens the risk of cancer

5. Reduces the Effect of PCOS

While this may not be applicable to everyone, some women who suffer from PCOS or Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome tend to feel much better after delivery, when the symptoms tend to reduce. After pregnancy, their menstrual cycles become more regular and the menstrual cramps to take a backseat. In fact, it has been seen that women find it easy to conceive for the second or third time, even if they had difficulty in conceiving for the first time, owing to polycystic ovary or uterus.

6. Lowers the Risk of Breast Cancer

One of the obvious after-effects of pregnancy is lactation which enables breastfeeding for the baby. The breast cells undergo several changes during the period of pregnancy and as a result of lactation, which in turn, make these cells far more resistant from being transformed into cancer cells. In fact, mothers are usually advised to breastfeed for as long as possible, not only for the benefit for the baby but for her own benefit as well.

Breast health

7. Lowers the Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

After delivery, some of the baby’s cells remain in your body which strengthens your immune system, decreasing the risk of several diseases. Multiple Sclerosis or MS, which affects the brain, spinal cord, nerve cells and so on, is one of those diseases. Having a baby cuts down the risk of autoimmune disorders, thereby keeping you much healthier.

8. Welcome, Gorgeous Hair!

You would be happy to know that one of the major effects of pregnancy is beautiful hair. The hormones released during pregnancy such as progesterone, estrogen and testosterone can do wonders for your hair. Your hair becomes shinier and stronger. You might even experience a lesser amount of hair fall and better texture of hair.

Healthy hair during pregnancy

9. Helps You Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Pregnancy can, in a way, be a blessing in disguise. Once you become aware of the little life growing inside you, your lifestyle automatically will undergo a massive change, towards the better. As you go on to leading a healthy lifestyle, that gradually goes on to become your habit. After delivering a baby, your lifestyle remains healthier than your usual one before pregnancy. Regular timings of meals, proper sleep, etc. help you remain healthy.

10. Get Surprised By Your Own Patience

A baby makes you thousand times more patient, even more, that what you could ever imagine. In fact, you even tend to forget your own needs. Being patient and tolerant can help keep your blood pressure in control and lead to the healthy functioning of your heart. Giving up bad habits for your baby makes your lifestyle much healthier and thereby improves your health beyond imagination.

Pregnancy can, therefore, be a blessing in your life. Apart from bringing to your life a new source of happiness, it changes your entire outlook towards life. Further beyond, it has a wide range of health benefits which can increase your lifespan. It is indeed magical about how it is not only you who contribute to your baby’s life but also, your baby who contributes to yours!

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