Here's Why You Should Never Go to Bed Angry

Here’s Why You Should Never Go to Bed Angry

My husband and I used to follow this mantra of never going to sleep when angry even while we were dating. We would never ever sleep if we had an argument. Though there were times when we wanted to kill each other but we would still talk it out and solve the issue before going to bed. Going to bed angry makes it difficult for you to sleep and you end up waking up angry and then blame each other for it and fight again. Hence, it’s best to never go to bed angry.

When we individually spoke to our parents about this, both of them said that this is the best thing you guys follow and keep doing it. Small things like wishing each other good morning and good night, or saying ‘I love you’ before going to bed and after waking up every day even if you’ve been married for long enough really makes a difference. It brings a smile to the face of your loved ones and if you have kids, they get into the habit of wishing everyone good morning and good night too.

If you’ve been married for some time now, you both know that you love each other, but saying it out loud really brings the feel-good factor and if you feel good about each other and yourself, you end up being happier. Happy people make each other happy and have healthier and happier relationships. It’s not the grand gestures, but the small niceties that go a long way. Compliment each other, share the workload, take turns to wake up at night to take care of small kids, spend your off days with each other, keep your phone aside and talk. Really, that’s all you need to be happy with your spouse and even with your loved ones. Because at the end of the day, you remember the little things people do for you to make you happy. So spend a good time with your spouse and the people you love. You’ll be happy!

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