Mom: A Relationship and Selfless Bond of Love and Care

Mom: A Relationship and Selfless Bond of Love and Care

“Mom”! Till date, this word for me was just… a word. A relationship which is always taken for granted. We always feel that moms are only taking care of our food and clothing and the household cores. What is is that you even do?, is a question we often ask our mothers, as if questioning their purpose. But still, she never complains, and keeps her loving and caring behaviour the same.

A few months ago, I was blessed with a baby boy, and got the title of “Mom”.The very same day of delivery, the feeling of being a mom appeared inside me. Slowly and gradually, I am understanding the importance of being a mom. And, I was then asked the same question, what is it that I even do? The answer is, a lot.

I realised that a mother never lives her life for herself. Her world revolves around the happiness of her husband, kids, and relatives. She doesn’t even spend a second on herself, and still she never complains.

Being a mother is not easy, starting from the pregnancy phase, till giving birth to the baby. It gets difficult – there are mood swings, changing food habits, changing bodies, leaving your job, and many more alterations. Going through the extreme pain of labour, and then spending sleepless nights with the newborn baby… Imagine a whole night of caring for the baby on your lap, feeling the pain in stitches, frequent breastfeeding leading to sore breasts, and continuous back pain. But, even after all this, the next morning she wakes up, fresh and full of energy and love for the baby. The smile of her baby makes her forget all the pains, and she, somewhere, forgets herself.

Now I have realised how much my mother has done for me, and that too without any complaints. Love you, Mom! This is how the love of a mom is – “selfless”.

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