How I Want My Boys to Treat Women

How I Want My Boys to Treat Women

I always wanted a girl child, but God blessed us with two boys. Not that I don’t like boys, but I always thought it would be much more cheerful to have a baby girl. The first reason I wanted a girl is that we can buy a huge variety of clothing, from frilly frocks to ethnic wear, and style her hair in different ways. When it comes to a girl, I can relate to so many things from when I was a kid. Whenever we go shopping, there is always a small section of clothing available for boys, whereas most of the shops are occupied with girls’ clothing and accessories. To this day, when we go shopping, I am drawn to the glittering and shimmering collection of clothing displayed for girls and wish for a girl child.

But on the other hand, when I hear about all the attacks that are happening on girls, starting from eve-teasing, acid attacks, dowry harassment, molesting even a 4-year-old girl, I feel how dreadful it is out there for a girl child!!! Parents are worried sick every second of their life for the safety of their darling daughter. It makes me think about how it could have been if I had a girl child? Are we living in such a heinous society? Whose fault is it? Who is to be blamed for all these unfortunate events? Is there anything I can do about it?

But now I think, yes, I can do something on my part to protect the girl child. If I have a girl child, I don’t want to instil the same fear that was instilled in my heart. Since my childhood days, the one advise everyone around me has been giving is “don’t do this/ don’t do that because you are a girl”. But, I want to tell her the following things:

  • Men and women are equal. There is nothing she can’t achieve if she gives her 100%.
  • She should know self-defence. Just because she is a girl, doesn’t mean she is weak; in fact, she is stronger. It’s all in her mind. Physical fitness is very important.
  • Not to be scared of evil people. Her mental strength is stronger than the evil in somebody’s heart. There’s no need to panic in any situation if she is strong.
  • Going out, exploring the world and learning is as important as taking care of household activities.

And I want to tell my boys this –

  • RESPECT WOMEN. Men and women are equal.
  • It is not disrespectful to take care of household activities.
  • Stand by her side when she is in trouble.
  • Never underestimate the power of women.
  • Always treat her right.

If each parent responsibly contributes to building a better society where men and women are respected equally, our girls will have the freedom to soar high in life.

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