Give Her Wings and Let Her Fly, She is Your Bundle of Joy

Give Her Wings and Let Her Fly, She is Your Bundle of Joy

Daughters are wonderful. A daughter plays the role of a sister, wife, and mother. And she deserves respect and love! We must take care of our girls properly, we know that, but still, there are some people in our society who don’t understand the importance of a girl and treat her like a burden. In some families, a girl child always feels neglected (not in all families though). To show love and respect to your daughters, these are some things that you can do –

  1. Treat her as an equal – In many Indian families, people still treat boys as a prince, but it is not good at all. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, give equal opportunities to them. A girl child is always forced to learn household things, but a boy is not asked the same. But both of them can learn it as it will be beneficial.
  1. Give her proper education – Education is the birthright of every child. Proper education will develop skills and moral values in every child. In rural areas, people engage their daughters in household work and do not send them to schools. But people should not do that, they should send their daughters to school too. We should let our girls fly!
  1. Encourage her to dream – We should encourage our daughters to dream and fly high. If you have a daughter, try to know about her ambition. Enlighten her and let her know how she can achieve her dream.
  1. Teach her about self-protection – As a girl child, she must be aware of the problems that may arise in her path. So teach her about self-protection, sexual education, etc. By giving her adequate knowledge about this will help her to cross the hurdles of life, if they may arise.
  1. Make her believe that marriage is just a phase of her life – In a girl’s life, her wedding is a turning point. Make your daughter known that marriage will be a phase of her life and not the full stop. Encourage her to be independent and be hopeful in life.

A girl can be wrong but she won’t be wrong always. In many families, people curse their girl child if something goes wrong. But people should understand that she won’t be always wrong. Our society is changing, no doubt, but still the feelings and mentality towards a ‘girl-child’ has not changed completely. We are in the 20th century and it’s time that people who don’t treat girls with respect should change their mentality.

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