5 Excellent Solutions To Get Your Children Back - From The Screen!

5 Excellent Solutions To Get Your Children Back – From the Screen!

There was a time when you thought it was cute how your baby cooed at the video on your mobile phone. Even when he learnt to use your tablet as a toddler, it was quite charming. But lately, the screen has taken over his life in such a manner that you never seem to see him without one!

As a responsible mom, you understand that over-exposure to screens can make your child vulnerable to harmful radiation, aside from triggering behavioural and physical problems. But is it really possible to pull our kids away without becoming ‘Hitler Mamma’? Check out these 8 ideas to regulate and minimise your child’s screen-time, and trust us, they are certainly doable!

1. Help them select and develop a hobby

There is so much out there that your children can learn from and it is much more fun than pressing buttons on a wireless device. If the regular reading and painting fail to enthuse your kids, try out some of these downright exotic hobbies – pottery, gardening, stamp collection, writing a journal, etc. Encourage your kids to spend at least an hour every day on their hobby.

If you want your kids to indulge in educational hobbies, you can subscribe to an activity box like Intellikit. The activities in Intellikit focus on the overall development of a child by encouraging learning and boosting skills in kids, all while they have loads of fun! Receive a box based on a unique theme for the month, complete with activities, worksheets, flashcards, and a storybook to keep your child occupied all month long!

2. Create some screen-free zones at home

For starters, try the dining room, the bedroom, the family sofa in the hall and the courtyard outdoors. Make the rule very clear – these areas are sacrosanct, reserved only for family interaction, and using a screen here is punishable. Eventually, family bonding will take precedence over tap-tapping on a device.

3. Go meet nature, and get some home as well

If you think communing with nature is reserved for the adults, think again! Science has proven that kids are far more attuned to the natural world than the adult mind has time and energy to register. There is a reason landscapes feature in every child’s first few drawings! Go on nature walks with your children, sit by the riverside, listen to birds, and yes, make your home greener. Psst, nature also has the healing power to undo the damage our screen-time causes us daily!

4. Set aside clear timings for screen usage

We mean setting both a timetable as well the duration of every slot. For pre-schoolers, screen-time beyond a maximum of 30-60 minutes per day is a strict no-no. For school-going children, restrict the time to a maximum of two hours per day, and this includes their laptop/tablet usage, TV time and mobile phone exposure all put together. Once the kids know they have to adhere to these rules, they will prioritize things on their own!

5. Focus more on family conversation and games

Remember those good old Board Games you played with your parents and siblings when younger? It’s time to renew that culture at home and redeem the family time that screens have snatched from you. Every day, reserve some time when the family will sit together and talk, discuss the events of the day, or play games. More chitchat means less screen time!

All said and done, there is still going to be some screen time…

How You Can Nullify The Harmful Effects of Screens

Wait, does all this mean screen time is inherently evil? Don’t our children imperatively need to spend at least some time with their laptops, tablets and yes, as they grow up, mobile phones? In today’s age, exposure to wireless devices can only be limited, not eliminated. This means we need to do something about keeping our kids protected during this exposure.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use a Radiation Protector Chip. This is a tiny chip that can be attached to the device to nullify the harmful effects of its radiation. We recommend Envirochip for its strong foundation in research, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable – children, new moms and pregnant woman. Also its sheer range is wonderful – it can cover everything from your phone, laptop and tablet to even the wireless router!

Now that you are armed with some fantastic ideas to get your kids away from the screen, get started with implementing them already! Remember this – Mamma’s participation is paramount and her lifestyle is the role model the kids will emulate. So, limit your screen time as well, and when you cannot help it, make sure your screens cannot harm you.

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