Save your Toddler from Public Toilet Germs

11 Things You Must Remember While Using an Indian Public Toilet With Your Child

How to safely use a public toilet with your child? As a parent, this thought always troubles you while travelling or when you are out of home. There is no such thing as a clean toilet, especially when some public restrooms are concerned, and when you gotta go, you gotta go! Whether you want to use the toilet to change your baby’s diapers, use the restroom yourself and have no option but to carry baby along, or whether your child is old enough to use a toilet himself – how can you keep chances of infection away?

There are many possibilities for your child to get ill from the toilet germs which are not seen from the naked eye. Even if you are done with potty training your child, your job is not complete yet. While using public toilets with your little one, make sure you keep the following precautions in mind. This is the only way to keep the kids away from infection!

Steps to Follow While Using a Public Toilet With your Child

1. Take a close look

Once you enter a public restroom, take a close look at the seat. Before you let your toddler do his business, make sure to wipe the seat with toilet paper or better yet, carry a disposable toilet seat.

2. Remove your child’s pants to some extent only

Avoid skin contact at any cost. Remove the toddler’s pants only midway

3. Hover closely and avoid full contact

Do not let your toddler sit on the toilet seat properly. Instead, hold him a little higher and hover above it

4. Make sure flush is working properly

If the toilet flush is not working, avoid using those public restrooms

5. Use trash bins whenever disposing off toilet paper

Always remember to throw the used toilet papers in the trash bin only

6. Press the flush button using toilet paper

Teach your kid to avoid making any physical contact and use toilet paper to click flush button

7. Wait for flushing to complete

Teach your kids that the toilet must be left clean for the next person. Leave it like you want it to be when you need it!

8. Wear gloves or hold a napkin/toilet paper at all times

Teach your kid to always wear disposable gloves or hold a napkin while opening the toilet door and closing its lock

9. Wash hands or use sanitizer

Warn them to wash their hands after using toilets. Make sure they wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer.

10. Teach your child not to touch anything with bare hands

While opening toilet door, closing it, holding seat’s lid, clicking flush button or using water, teach your toddler avoid making contact with anything with their bare hands

11. Cover your child’s face

Many germs and bacteria release toxic chemicals when in contact with air. Cover your kid’s face with handkerchief or mask while using public restrooms

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