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Mom of a 3 yr 1 m old girlSep 19, 2017

Q. #AskTheExperts During my pregnancy I developed itching in my inner thighs and pubic area. The itching is external not internal. My gynae suggested vwash. I used it and itching reduced to some extent but never really went away. 8 months post delivery I now have severe itching in my inner thighs and pubic area. When I scratch the area becomes red and starts burning. I have also developed rashes in my inner thighs that look like a ring. Red rashes ring shape. I also have a ring shape red rash in my butt crack. I also have a ring shape red rash under my left breast where my bra sits. Please advise

srishti wadhwaMom of a 3 yr 7 m old boySep 19, 2017
A. A. 8 Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin Post-Deliver After blushing with glowing and radiant skin during pregnancy, many women are shocked with skin problems that appear post-delivery. If this has happened to you, do not worry – this is normal. After so many changes that take place in a your body during and after pregnancy, it is bound to affect your skin too. 4 Common Skin Problems After Pregnancy: The good news is, the skin issues will naturally diminish with time but proper care and attention is required to avoid developing any serious repercussions. Let us go through some of the common skin problems that occur after pregnancy. 1. Melasma: This problem affects almost 50% of women after pregnancy. Your facial skin may develop dark-coloured patches. These patches will be more prominent on the cheek and the forehead. The condition occurs mostly due to increased pigmentation. 2. Stretch Marks: Stretch marks are another common skin problem after pregnancy, caused due to the stretching of skin as a result of weight gain. It appears mostly on the abdomen, thighs, hips and legs. The tendency to have stretch marks increase in direct proportion of weight gain. Younger women are more prone to developing stretch marks in contrast to older women. 3. Change In Skin Texture: Due to the stress, fatigue and high amount of hormonal changes occurring in your body, your skin change after pregnancy is common. There are chances that there might be a sudden outbreak of acne or the overall texture of your skin becomes dull 4. Oversensitive Skin: Again, due to excessive hormonal changes that take place in your body, you may experience more sensitivity in your skin. It might get easily burnt when out in sun or your skin might feel irritated towards many things like detergent, chlorine, etc. 8 Ways To Care For Your Skin Post-Delivery: Skin problems after delivery are not very serious. However, if you already had existing skin problems then you should consult your health practitioner for proper medication. But remember, it is essential to work towards these skin problems fast, otherwise they might take a long time to heal. Here are some possible remedies after pregnancy skin care: 1. Stay Away From Sun: You should avoid going out in sun as your skin problems can only worsen. Moreover, if you have to go out then try to cover up yourself and apply sunscreen lotion with a good amount of SPF. 2. Drink Lots Of Water: The more water you drink the cleaner your body becomes. Having at least 8 glasses of water in a day keeps your skin hydrated. And to a greater extent, it helps in keeping your hormones at check. 3. CTS Your Skin: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize – is the mantra! You should wash your face often to get rid of excess oil. Also you should cleanse your face with a cleanser at least twice a day. Along with cleaning necessary toner and moisturizer are also essential. 4. Exfoliate Your Skin: Exfoliating your skin also helps in improving the quality of your skin. The affected skin area can be scrubbed with proper cream to heal. Exfoliation should not be done more than thrice in a week. 5. Get Proper Sleep: Less hours of sleep or irregular sleeping hours can take a toll on your skin. Thus take proper sleep and adjust your sleep timings with that of the baby’s. Good sleep plays a crucial role in having healthy skin. 6. Eat Leafy Vegetables: It is essential to have lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet, which will bring back your glow and softness to your skin. The iron content in leafy veggies can also reduce your skin problems to a larger extetnt 7. Use Creams And Oils: You can apply oil rich in vitamin E, Cocoa butter or Olive oil on your stretch marks. Although stretch marks may not disappear but its appearance can definitely become negligent. 8. Consume Multivitamins: After delivery your body might actually become deficient of vitamins. You can consult your doctor to prescribe you the right multivitamin tablets to help in your skin care after pregnancy regimen. Skin problems after pregnancy should never hamper your enjoyment of your new role as a loving mother of a beautiful baby. Use the steps illustrated above and take care of your skin. For persistent skin trouble, see a dermatologist without delay.
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