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What was the role of your partner in your breastfeeding journey?

Mohsina Shariq Mom of a 4 m old boy 1 month ago
since last 3 months my husband is my strongest support.. the journey was hard for a frst time mom but he made it so relaxing and easy .
i still remeber the 1st day when we hold our baby and i had to breastfeed him but due to immense pain i wasn't able to hold him properly although my parents my in laws were present but the care i got from my husband was really unforgettable it was the best feeling,he helped me throughout my postpartum journey without a single complaint every single day ❤️
he hold the baby every time i was tired help him burp, he never feel shy in helping me infront of his family.. 🥹His presence and unconditional support was all that i could have ever wished for.. i strongly feel that a good husband will definitely become a good father and yes my husband turned out to be a great father 😍🥰
Raihan Mom of 3 children 6 months ago
He will accompany me for every duty of our son , he will do everything for the baby like as me sometimes more than me.
he is a good father and husband because I don't want to say aney of our needs all the things are in our hands at correct time he is such a lovely munchkin to me and my son.
Alafiya Malak Mom of a 11 m old girl 7 months ago
My husband helps my baby in burping.
Gowri Mom of 2 children 7 months ago
1. He was the one with me in the labor room, holding my hands ,standing in same place for atleast 5 Hrs when I was baring pain of more than 8 Hrs in my labor period which helped physical and mentally stability to give birth as normal delivery.
2. He always make sure as I am comfortably in every aspect.
3. He made me laugh once I'm out of labor room

These 3 things which made myself in stable mindset to enjoy my motherhood as I was waiting for that moment for 5 years. So the pressure I handled without baby is totally vanished and the labor pain I have gone through also fully out due to his presence in my every move of baby birth. As my partner kept me mentally and physically strong, I started my breastfeeding immediately.

While breastfeeding, he helped me to follow the instructions given by Doctor like he keeps checking my sitting position while breastfeeding. He moved the chair and kept pillow to support my backbone, due to this I never felt backpain much.

Period of breastfeeding, he makes sure to get adequate sleep for me as It can affect both my body and my breastfeeding. He was taking care of baby sleep.

Due to his continous support, I was able to breastfeeding my son for an year.

I should say I'll forever in love with him
Dawday Bhutia Guardian of a 2 yr old girl 7 months ago
he help me a lot when I'm not able to give milk to my baby .....
Fareen Khan Mom of 2 children 7 months ago
During the time of breastfeeding my Partner always made sure we were undisturbed by any family members or guest coming in, etc, also made sure of my privacy while breastfeeding, which also abled us some time together (though not always) where we admired our little baby and felt immensely grateful to the Almighty for blessing us this little precious... He always encouraged me whenever I felt low by saying I was excellent as a mother! and i am I doing great with my little one... which is a must for all the new moms struggling to hear good things specially from our Partner means alot, as there's alot we go through! :-)
Iris Rosaline Tigga Biju Mom of a 6 yr 5 m old boy 8 months ago
he was really helpful sitting by my back if there was no support, making him burp, and talking all the responsibility of mine after his work
Zahid Guardian of a 1 yr 7 m old girl 10 months ago
immense role, I could say only one thing, the health of my child is significantly dependent on breast feeding Visa vis It saved money.
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Sree kavya Turaga Mom of a 1 yr old boy 10 months ago
During the first three days in the hospital, I couldn't move at all as I had to undergo two surgeries including cesarian. So when the baby cried for milk he so carefully brought our son to me for feeding. and he used to turn me to my side to feed our baby. And that was only the start of our breastfeeding journey. from there till now, the needs changed but his sweetness remained the same. He is happily fulfilling his role throughout this journey with the three of us 😊
Rayan Mom of 2 children 11 months ago
He is a good husband and good dad too... He always take care of our baby. He helps me a lot to grow our baby. Whenever he came from office, he asks me, have you sterilized the breast pump.If I say no, he urge to clean and sterilize my breast pump. He encourage me to fed my baby. Thus,he plays a vital role in developing our baby



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