Meredith Name Meaning

  • Name :meredith
  • Meaning :great lord,great sovereign,lord,meredith, when a boy's name (also used regularly by more girl named meredith) is very mare-a-dith, ma-rare-time-dith. it is welsh origin, and the meaning of meredith is ", said the ruler." possibly "sea lord". composer meredith wilson.,meredith as a girl, the name is used (less often than the guys of your name meredith), is very mare-a-dith, ma-rare-time-dith. is the old welsh origin, and the meaning of meredith is "great, noted ruler". possibly "sea lord". american use of meredith is as the maiden name. actress meredith baxter; news anchor meredith vieira.,the rulers of the battle
  • Gender :Unisex

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