Meaning of Laverne

  • Name :laverne
  • Meaning :alder,tree of laverne as a boy's name (also as a girl name laverne) is of latin origin. name a classic of the goddess of petty criminals. is that it sounds like the romance languages the word for "green" ("age" or "green"), and was mistakenly associated with the green of the trees or in the spring. the football players laveranues coles.,laverne as a girl's name (also known as boy name laverne) is very la-vern. it is of latin origin. the name of a roman goddess who was the patron saint of petty criminals. what was probably accepted, due to which a name is based on an erroneous belief that is similar to the word "green" ("age" or "green") in the romance languages, there are connotations by the green of the trees or in the spring.,springlike,the alder tree
  • Gender :Unisex
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