Gael Name Meaning

  • Name :gael
  • Meaning :a gaelic person,gael as a girl, the name is used (also, more in general, as a young man by the name gael), is of french origin. the name could be a shortened form of the breton name judicaël, which means "generous leader," or an abbreviation of gwenaël (gwenn "white, fair, pure" and hael "generous"). it can also refer to one of the celtic peoples of scotland or ireland. as a respelling of gail is also the form of abigail.,gael as a young man by the name (less often than the girls of name gael), is of french origin. the french name gaël is a short form of breton called judicaël, which means "generous" leader". the name could also be a shortened form of gwenaël (gwenn "white, and hael "generous"), the name of a breton saint. the term was coined in english that is used to refer to the high lands of the celts of scotland. the scots term gaidheal is developed, probably, from the irish goidel, this can be attributed to the ancient celtic word gwydd, meaning "wild". sounds similar and can also be used as a respelling of gail, which is traditionally female.,the gaelic, irish,gaelic ancestry
  • Gender :Unisex

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