Fionnabhair Name Meaning

  • Name :fionnabhair
  • Meaning :the name fionnabhair is a girl name . in irish mythology, fionnabhair (old irish findabair or finnabair) is the daughter of queen medb of connacht and ailill, its beauty is exploited for his mother, to persuade, from a long line of warriors, to the legendary hero cú chulainn in single combat. all are defeated and killed, a bloody fight follows, and fionnabhair drops dead of shame, if you discover that you have unintentionally the cause of all the death and destruction. fionnabhair is likely derived from the old irish fionn "white" + síabar "spectre", so that is the equivalent of the welsh former name gwenhwyfar, which is the root of arthur-geneva. it can also be a derivation of old irish find "i know right" and abair "eyebrows; the lashes". the variants include fionavar (in the tapestry of fionavar " trilogy by guy gavriel kay), finnavear, fennor/fennore (in several of the irish placenames), finora/fenora and fionnúir.
  • Gender :Girl
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