Monday, January 27 2020
Monday, January 27 2020
Father of a 1 yr 10 m old boy

Q.Respected sir/madam I am a father of 2 year old boy. I want to know that for my baby which milk is best suitable and nutritious from Amul tetra pack which has expiry for 6 months or a cows milk from my farm.

ExpertShyamala SathiaseelanLactation Educator and Counselor27 mins ago
A. Dear parent, milk from your farm is anyday better than anything that is processed and packaged. But cow's milk is not mandatory for humans.mother is Breastfeeding then I would recommend that she continues as long as baby and her are comfortable
Mom of a 3 m old boy2 hours ago

Q.My baby eye get red and watering.. what should I do ?

ExpertDr.Sabiha AnjumGynaecologist 24 mins ago
A. It could be conjunctivitis or an allergic reaction. We can’t give any diagnosis without proper examination. It would be better if you consult an ophthalmologist for proper assessment and treatment
Mom of a 3 m old boy2 hours ago

Q.My 3 month old baby poop count is 5-6 times. Soft stools... not watery.

ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician1 hour ago
A. Poop count 5-6 times per day No problem if baby is passing adequate urine. If baby is active and playful, no fever, passing adequate urine ie. minimum 6-8 times per day, then no need to worry for motion ( once in 7 days or 15 times per day- both conditions normal.
Mom of 2 children2 hours ago baby is now 11month old , still I don't have my periods back.I had ceasarian delivery. please advise is it normal.

ExpertDr.Sabiha AnjumGynaecologist 26 mins ago
A. It is absolutely normal to not get your periods even upto one year after delivery. So use some sort of contraception to avoid accidental pregnancy. After one year you can consult your gynaecologist for prescription of hormones for withdrawal bleeding
Mom of a 11 m old girl1 hour ago

Q.hi.. my baby is 12 months old and she will get 1 on next week.. till now I used formula milk for her and now I started cows milk to her.. I don't know how to store milk outside as she wakes up 3 times at n8. can you plz suggest and I also gives dinner at 9 and after half or one hour she have milk but still she wakes up three times plz suggest how to keep cows milk outside

ExpertGayatri DawdaNutritionist1 hour ago
A. Dear Mom Baby feels hungry at night it means that night meal is digesting very fast. Instead of plain milk give a porridge made of ghee, atta, some sugar, milk and dry fruits powder This may be thick or thin depending on baby's hunger and disgestive capacity. After trying this at bedtime meal, baby will not wake up fast, as this recipe is very filling.
Guardian of a 11 m old boy56 mins ago

Q.Mera baby February mai 1 saal ka ho jyega uska colour ab bhi ya baad mai fair ho sakta h jabki mai mere husband dono fair h jyda plzz hindi mai reply kriye

SowmyaMom of a 5 yr 11 m old girl27 mins ago
A. hai kya hota hai ki biwi ka colour change hota rahata hai fikra karne ki koi jarurat Nahin aap acchi Tarah se koyal masaj kijiye aur kuchh Baby product use kariye colour age ke waqt samay per badalte rahte hain
Guardian of a 2 m old

Q.hello sir,my baby is 3months much formula milk can I give him with time gap.

ExpertShyamala SathiaseelanLactation Educator and Counselor27 mins ago
A. Dear Mamma, please continue to breastfeed exclusively for six months and continue to breastfeed as long as baby and you are comfortable. If you are starting work outside home then please consider pumping and providing for your baby
Father of a 4 m old girl31 mins ago

Q.can i use tyza m on baby skin rashes

shilpiMom of 2 children25 mins ago
A. before using any medicated ointment on senstive skin of baby itts always better to consult doctor and then use u can apply some mild antiseptic cream
Mom of 3 children31 mins ago

Q.#AskTheExpert my baby is 4months 4days old she is not taking feed properly all time she is playing & sleeping I'm forcing to take feed she is not taking...her weight is 7.5 kg ....her birth weight is 3 kg is this normal or any problem....or i have to consult my me🙏

shilpiMom of 2 children28 mins ago
A. weight is perfectly ok accordingly age and this is normal behaviour of baby if ur baby is active and healthy and playful and having feed and passing urine properly then don't worry
Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy

Q.#stretchmarks I have lot of mark on my waist n many other part so how can u help me

NihitaMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy
A. good morning to reduce the stretch marks I would recommend you to consume sufficient quantity of seasonal fruits and veggies they act as natural antioxidants apart from that you should massage on the stretch marks with sandalwood
Mom of a 1 yr 8 m old girl31 mins ago to reduce body temperature to normal in babies fever at night.. pls help?

shilpiMom of 2 children28 mins ago
A. u can give Paracetamol to child which h doctor have previously prescribed sometimes or can gi e crocin syrup.also give ur child turmeric milk
Mom of 3 children29 mins ago

Q.#AskTheExpert is 2.5 kg or 3 kg baby take birth is this low birth weight or is it normal....plz tell me plz....

shilpiMom of 2 children26 mins ago
A. if ur child's birth weight is around 3 then it is normal birth weight and there is nothing to worry about and also with proper diet it can be increased as well
Guardian of a 2 m old girl2 hours ago

Q.#stretchmarks , to remove stretch marks

ExpertDr.Sabiha AnjumGynaecologist 28 mins ago
A. They are fairly permanent but they gradually fade over time by themselves but they don’t disappear completely You can use bio oil or cocoa butter or olive oil or vitamin e oil twice daily For advanced treatments consult dermatologist
Mom of a 2 yr 1 m old boy27 mins ago

Q.hello my baby is 2 yrs old....he skin is too much dry...applying many products and consulted skin doc but no use....plz suggest something

Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 1 m old boy18 mins ago
A. thnku so much mam
Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy

Q.hi my baby is 17 month old still didn't lose weight ya ma on breastfeed n I had normal delivery so what should I do

shilpiMom of 2 children
A. fat is stubborn so have patience dear in the beginning you can start with light exercise or you can do yoga at home also you can do Surya Namaskar 12 times a day if you can't do anything else in your busy routine cut all the junk food and have diet full of fibre have seasonal fruits and vegetables drink lots of water have jeera water empty stomach the early in the morning divide your meals into 6 small portions
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