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Mom of a 3 m old girl8 hours ago
KANCHAN Talukdar has added an answer
Guardian of a 2 m old girl6 hours ago
Expert Answered
ExpertDr Priyanka KalraObstetrician and Gynaecologist5 hours ago
A. lose weight n see. better to show to specialist always as they get the correct diagnosis. try to avoid self and extra medication that will only complicate this and create more damage to the child
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Father of a 8 m old boy10 hours ago
ExpertDr. Minal AcharyaNutritionist10 hours ago
A. no dear avoid giving biscuits it contains refined flour ,high in sugar added flavour colour and zero nutrition. baby's nutrient requirements are high but stomach capacity is less so nutritious food should be given
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Mom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl2 hours ago
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