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ExpertDr Priyanka KalraObstetrician and Gynaecologist1 Year ago
A. left or right. see only the doctor who can see you in person can judge what is the right status. best to trust heryou have to do a few more tests and a scan after a local doctor advice for proper treatment
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Mom of a 4 yr 10 m old girl
ExpertDr Arti SharmaPaediatrician4 years ago
A. Hello and good morning Usually kadhas are made from homemade natural foods,Yes you can take it while breastfeeding Take steam inhalation Take warm liquids like dals soups turmeric milk Take ginger honey tulsi tea
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Smithu N has added an answer
Mom of a 3 m old girl1 hour ago
Smithu NMom of 3 children14 mins ago
A. before it is to late check out with doctor
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Mom of 3 children31 mins ago
Ankita MehtaMom of a 6 yr 6 m old girl18 mins ago
A. hi mam ,it happens because of much fat that you gain because of increased uterus during pregnancy so to reduce it ,I would suggest to start doing exercises like gentle jogging , pilates etc after 6 months of delivery. take low fat ,high fiber diet more go for walk daily.
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Mom of a 1 yr 2 m old girl14 mins ago
Abhaya RajputMom of a 13 yr 1 m old boy13 mins ago
A. Hi mom Hairfall after delivery is due to hormonal changes. Apply coconut oil mixed with onion juice on the scalp to stop hairfall. u can buy babyhug cold pressed coconut oil which is pure and additive free oil. Also have diet rich in protein to control hairfall.
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Mom of a 3 m old boy2 mins ago
Mom of a 5 m old boy1 min ago
RashmiMom of a 8 yr 4 m old girl1 min ago
A. Currently you cannot go for any exercising or dieting because that’s going to affect your stitches as well as your breast feeding which is weather is very important that you maintain that and later after you quit breastfeeding and your stitches heal you can go for workout then
Mom of 2 children25 mins ago
Ankita MehtaMom of a 6 yr 6 m old girl17 mins ago
A. hi yes ..but what is your exact query ? kindly raise your query with proper details so we can help you. as it seems that your query is incomplete,I request you to post your question again with proper details
Guardian of a 2 yr old boy1 min ago
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