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Trying To Conceive1 hour ago
ExpertDr.Deepinder Kaur DhawanObstetrician and Gynaecologist59 mins ago
A. Repeat your test after one week if still negative then try to visit your gynaecologist for routine check up and do all routine investigation and start treatment as advised . C
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20 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician19 mins ago
A. you can give drops maxtra 0.5 ml which will help in decreasing the running nose but there is a possibility that the child might sleep more due to the sedation effect of the medicine and you have to use it accordingly
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Mom of a 6 m old boy3 hours ago
ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician2 hours ago
A. start giving dates after 8 month of age. Babies does not know sweet or salt taste unless we introduce it. So do not worry the food is bland. tc.
Mom of a 4 m old girl8 hours ago
ExpertDr. Minal AcharyaNutritionist41 mins ago
A. Dear mum, to loose weight, you should eat mindfully. Avoid processed and packaged foods, high calorie foods. Have a balanced diet having variety of food groups especially seasonal fruits and vegetables. Have lean proteins like eggs, beans, pulses, low fat milk and milk products. Have healthy fats from almonds, flaxseed. Have small frequent meals and adequate fluid intake. Exercise for 45 to 60 minutes every day and have an active lifestyle.
Mom of a 1 m old boy3 hours ago
ExpertVandana SharmaNutritionist9 mins ago
A. Hello mom you can play with him , give massages , bathe him , talk to him .. be around with him .. hold him and keep him close to you at times on your shoulders
Mom of a 5 m old boy1 hour ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician59 mins ago
A. they are known as baby dandruff Your child is having cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis. You have to daily apply baby shampoo on the scalp of the child during the bathing. DO not apply any type of oil on the scalp during the daytime but only apply oil at the night time. Within one week the cradle cap will disappear. Cradle cap is baby dandruff and is a type of fungal infection
Mom of 3 children35 mins ago
ExpertDr.Sabiha AnjumObstetrician and Gynaecologist 26 mins ago
A. It can bleed for 6 weeks after giving birth but if it is increasing in quantity or if is prolonging beyond ) weeks then you need to consult your gynecologist ASAP
33 mins ago
ExpertDr GhousePaediatrician32 mins ago
A. for 9 months baby you can give ascoril flu drops 0.8 ml 3 times a day Cold and cough for viral infections which will take at least one week time to subside
Mom of a 6 m old boy3 hours ago
ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician2 hours ago
A. for a 7 month old baby you can give 30 to 45 ml of water in whole day .Give 2 major meal and one snack a day Continue with breast feeding or formula milk feeding in between and on demand.
Guardian of a 1 yr old boy10 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician8 mins ago
A. when you take the temperature in the armpit of the child with the help of a digital thermometer and if it is 100 F or more then you coonsider it as fever or when you take the temperature in the oral cavity of the child and if it is 99 degree fahrenheit then you consider it as fever and then Paracetamol is given
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