Monday, October 21 2019
Monday, October 21 2019


Father of a 10 m old girl1 hour ago

Q.from the birth of my baby ,she has very slow growth of hairs kindly suggest the solution

shaliniGuardian of 2 children2 mins ago
A. try Mamaearth nourishing hair oil for hair growth
Father of a 1 yr 1 m old girl11 hours ago

Q.hello Dr! my daughter is 14 month old and her weight only 8.5 kg। what to do for weight gain?

SanthoshiMom of a 2 yr 1 m old girl11 hours ago
A. Hi good morning mum!!! Weight seems ok not too less. You can give avocado. Avocado 's are healthy and can help in weight gain too. You can give bananas thrice a week and you can also include potato, sweet potatoes, thrice a week, ragi can be given.
Guardian of a 1 yr 1 m old boy46 mins ago

Q.hi doc... my baby is 1 yrs old...plz give me home remedy to remove hairs on his body...

ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatricianNew Answer
A. Dont do this Baby hair loss is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Some babies are born with a full head of hair, while others have only a sparse covering. infants often lose all the hair they're born with during their first six months of life. Sometimes the hair grows right back in, but in a different color or texture. In other babies, it takes a while to growback, this is bcz,  baby Hair follicle has a growth stage and a resting stage. One of the great things about baby oil is that It contains no harsh chemicals so it is gentle on the skin and the hair. In addition to being inexpensive, baby oil is an excellent moisturizer that softens the hair and makes it shine. Baby oil can also help to grow hair longer and faster.
Mom of a 4 m old girl2 hours ago

Q.Hi doctor My daughter is 4 months old My doctor prescribed delponorm saccharomyces boulardii sachets for my baby (0.84g) Can I give her?

Swati MMom of a 3 yr 9 m old girl1 hour ago
A. medication can be given under the guidance of the doctor and ask for the requirement of the baby under the guidance of the doctor you can definitely go ahead for the same no problem set 1
Mom of a 1 yr 8 m old boy38 mins ago

Q.Hello mam, my baby is one and half year old and am feeding him.Is it safe to consume apple cider vinegar.thank u!

ShrutiMom of a 6 yr 2 m old boyNew Answer
A. hi dear mom, yes it is fine to take apple cider vinegar in lactation period. you can have anything and everything in moderation during lactation period. only make sure you take the pasteurized ones and not the unpasteurized ones
Mom of a 2 yr 8 m old boy18 mins ago

Q.hello ..I am six month pregnant and my first delivery is c.section ...can I deliver my second delivery normal??

Jyoti VimalMom of a 8 m old girlNew Answer
A. There can be chances of normal delivery however only person who can guide on this is your gynaecologist. Kindly trust your doctor. You can read more about Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) operation on Internet.
Mom of a 1 m old44 mins ago 6th week which n all vaccines are compulsory

ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician1 min ago
A. Yes Better to take all At  6,10,14wks ur baby will have  DTP, HiB, Hep. B, and IPV  Plus  Pneumoccocal vaccine Plus  Rotavirus vaccine.  In DTP component if u go for whole cell ie DTwP  It may cause pain fever and sometime swelling at vaccination site (painful vaccination).  In DTP component if u go for accelular ie DTaP It doesn't cause pain fever and swelling at vaccination site(painless vaccination).   Both Vaccine ie whole cell or accelular are equally good and effective 
Mom of a 6 m old boy11 mins ago baby now 7 months old PCV vaccine can be given at this time ....we are not taken this vaccine he is suffering with cold ... #Vaccination

meghali BorahMom of a 2 yr 5 m old boy2 mins ago
A. Yes any vaccine that is missed earlier, can be given later after consulting with a peaditrician Because it needs to be rescheduled and also needs to take care that other vaccines are not getting overlapped because of this. Mild Cold is fine but in severe cold vaccines should not be given
Mom of a 3 m old girl7 mins ago

Q.#ParentingClinic I m suffering from heavy bleeding since 3 mnths of my c section delivery and it's bright red. I even consulted my gynaecologist and provided by some injections and medications. But they are all ineffective to it. what is the reason?... is there any chance or a sign of another pregnancy?

Sowmya RameshMom of a 5 yr 7 m old girl1 min ago
A. hi actually if you have done intercourse with your husband then you should be worried else sometimes it happens but so early having intercourse is not good so try to take rest and good nourishment
Mom of a 3 m old boy5 mins ago

Q.After breastfeeding wen my baby is asleep and i keep him down and turn the lights off he starts crying. Pls suggest what to do?

Sowmya RameshMom of a 5 yr 7 m old girl2 mins ago
A. hi actually what happens is as they grow they start reconising things,exploring things around them so you can use cradle swing or cloth swing and make baby sleep or else try too sleep and feed
Mom of a 2 yr 3 m old boy14 hours ago

Q.Hello sir My son sits either in a 'w' position or on his hips with his legs open. how do i teach him to sit with legs folded. ?

ExpertDr Shradha shikharePaediatricianNew Answer
A. helli mom. u have to show the child ,the method to sit properly, child will follow ur actions so make him learn and follow u in a friendly way.
Mom of a 4 m old girl1 min ago

Q.Hi Dr I was putting nasal drops for my baby she was turning around and a drop went very near to her left eye. I wiped it with cloth and also with warm water cotton. Please advice what i have to do i am worried.

shilpiMom of 2 childrenNew Answer
A. Hello if y child is not crying or not uncomfortable at all that means he is fine and drop of the medicine has not enter inside the ISO do not worry it happens sometime
Mom of a 1 yr old boy42 mins ago

Q.I am a breastfeeding mother and am suffering from cough. can you please suggest any cough syrup. home remedies not working. it is dry cough

ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician3 mins ago
A. Take medicine after doctors prescription only You can take any medication for urself  It does not have any bad effect on ur baby  Take medication as per ur doctors advice  Keep urself well hydrated  Continue to give exclusive breast feed ur baby as per baby's demand  Stay with ur baby only  It will help.   
Mom of a 1 yr 1 m old girl1 min ago baby girl still not standing with out support and not walking alone she is born 34week she have lungs problem doctor keep 10days NICU I give ly 3month Brestmilk after I formula milk powder that y she not walking alone any problems is there

meghali BorahMom of a 2 yr 5 m old boyNew Answer
A. No dear mom, no problem is there please don't worry. Your baby is doing absolutely fine. Babies start walking between 9 to 15 months of age mostly. They start standing with support by 7 months onwards and few even do it before that. Encourage the child to walk with holding furnitures around or someone can hold the baby's hands and walk. It takes time to get confidence to walk independently. Initially baby will take few steps and stop. Do it regularly and let the baby walk a few steps independently, and be there at a distance of Atleast 2 feet and gradually increase the gap. This will boost the baby's confidence. And also give calcium riched foods and food which are rich in vitamins and proteins. Don't worry, soon you will see your baby walking.
Father of a 2 yr 1 m old boy14 hours ago

Q.Hello Sir My baby is 2+ year old. Want to stop his breast feed. He will always need it while sleeping. We are planning for next baby. please suggest

ExpertDr Shradha shikharePaediatrician1 min ago
A. hello mom now stop feeding the child, as if u keep on giving breastmilk, baby will keep on asking, so some where u have to break the cycle...give baby all food item now to eat.
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