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Mom of a 1 yr 9 m old girl
ExpertDr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician1 Year ago
A. as the skin of babies is very delicate and sensitive at this age so you should use only very good products which are very mild support this product what you mentioned are equally good
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Mom of a 5 yr 2 m old girl
NihitaMom of a 2 yr 10 m old boy1 Year ago
A. It is not at all recommended to immediately visit a doctor for a clinical examination if it is possible for you to get this checked immediately and get treatment started
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Mom of a 11 m old boy
ExpertDr GhousePaediatrician3 months ago
A. you can definitely use aloe vera gel for diaper rashes it is better to avoid rashes give diaper free time to your baby wash the area with lukewarm water change the diaper when baby passes urine and stool immediately
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Mom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl7 hours ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician7 hours ago
A. if the child is not having any complaints of digestive problems then there is no issue in giving this medicine to the child. but yes if anything is given daily then it can cause side effects to the child so avoid if given daily
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Mom of a 3 yr 5 m old boy
ExpertPriyanka BhawalkarNutritionist1 Year ago
A. Hi you should start giving everything which you cook for yourself to the baby., You should give a healthy and balanced diet for baby's proper physical and mental development..Include foods from all food milk and milk products, pulses and grains, fruits and vegetables especially green leafy veggies,fish and eggs also give dry fruits like walnuts and almonds in powdered form.Just avoid oily and spicy food and blend if required.
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Mom of a 10 m old girl6 hours ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician5 hours ago
A. it is possible that the child is suffering from some type of close it is so kindly give a course of multivitamin syrup to the child. and if the problem still continues after 5 days meet your doctor for proper diagnosis
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Mom of a 4 yr 10 m old boy14 hours ago
ExpertRicha SharmaNutritionist14 hours ago
A. video good morning by four years of the age you should give 5 times food in a day three times the major meals does a breakfast lunch and dinner and in between two healthy snacking should be done by the baby
Mom of a 1 yr 1 m old boy3 mins ago
ExpertDr GhousePaediatrician2 mins ago
A. age of the baby is 1 year 1 month at this age baby sometimes will be having some food fats and they will be throwing temper tantrums also you can give them finger foods as well to fruit juices which will be useful as natural appetizers
Mom of a 1 yr 6 m old girl3 mins ago
ExpertDr GhousePaediatrician1 min ago
A. most of the times baby may be having a simple viral infection that reason for cold and fever in the baby temporary you can give paracetamol drops to the baby and steam inhalation put saline nasal drops in the nose if the problem persists see the doctor
Mom of a 3 m old boy2 mins ago
NihitaMom of a 2 yr 10 m old boyNew Answer
A. good evening there are a couple of options I would recommend you to use an electronic breast pump to express the milk and then give to the baby second you can consult with homeopathic doctor for medicine for the child
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