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1 hour ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician21 mins ago
A. proper diet for proper nutrition and you have to give food made at home. you have to prepare food from cereals pulses vegetable milk and fruits. advisable to go for only seasonal fruits and vegetables and you can also prepare juice from fruits. when given in proper quantity according to the need of the child then the child will get adequate nutritional supplements from this food only. this will help in imprxoving the weight height growth immunity and nutrition of the child. weather any nutritional deficiency is there or not will de told by your doctor .
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Preeti Sonee has added an answer
Guardian of a 8 m old51 mins ago
Preeti SoneeMom of a 1 m old girl4 mins ago
A. my baby us 1 month 9 days old snd her weight is 3.100 kg. and her birth weight is 3.500 kg. how to increase her weight
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Expert Answered
55 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician19 mins ago
A. can do so exclusive breastfeeding has to be continued till completion of 6 months of age and you have to drink plenty of water and at least 500 ml milk everyday as well as homemade food from cereals pulses vegetable milk and fruits daily e as well as you can go for shatavari supplemendt which will also help in increasing the breast milk formation (eg lactonic granules, galact granules etc ) also take multivitamins iron calcium and vitamin d along with folic acid. follow all this steps to increase breast milk formation.
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Question of your interest
40 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician17 mins ago
A. may be normal what you have described is totally normal and there is no need to worry regarding this. but if you feel that it it seems to be something different you can meet your doctor regarding this and the doctor will guide you.
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20 hours ago
Jasmine KaurMom of a 6 yr 4 m old boy14 mins ago
A. Hello dear parent, your question seems to be incomplete kindly type your query again and elaborate it a little more and post it again at Q And A section of the parenting panel of first cry. Any one available will definitely reply to your query. Good luck and take care
Mom of 2 children52 mins ago
Jasmine KaurMom of a 6 yr 4 m old boy18 mins ago
A. Hello dear parent, feeling hungry is absolutely normal during pregnancy. But it can be psychological too. So do not try and over feed yourself. Just eat as much you require. Good luck and take care
29 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician22 mins ago
A. it is important to keep the child hydrated. anti cold medicines are not given without medical consultation what you can give now is nasal saline drops which is salt water and can be given again and again to decrease nasal blockage as wesll as cough and cold try to prevent temperature variations around the child and keep the child well covered. can give indirect steam inhalation . anti-cold medicines at this age have got side effects so can be givens only after medical consultation.
Mom of a 2 m old boy20 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician18 mins ago
A. many times and the most common cause would be due to accumulation of milk clots and sometimes it can be neurogenic pain and someetimes it might be a part any local mass like lymph nodes or tissue pain. if it is not improving with simple massage as well as simple hdot compresses and expression of accumulated milk then meet your doctor at the earliest for local examination. you can take paracetamol for pain.
Mom of a 4 m old boy3 mins ago
Manali K MehtaMom of 2 children2 mins ago
A. hi parent yes it could be because of the teething use Babyhug silicone teether enterogermina probiotics drops three drops twice a day if the motions are more than six times day keep her well Hydrated by giving her breast milk
10 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician9 mins ago
A. neck holding of the child should be present by 4 months to maximum 5 months of age. regular massage of the back as wsell as the neck will help in strengthening the muscles of this area. if neck holding and head holding is not proper by the end of 5 months ait is important to meet the doctor for examination to find the cause of delayed milestones
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