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Mom of a 4 yr 6 m old boy

which foods should I give for weight gain in my 8 month old son, his weight is 8.600 kg and my son has darker skin on thigh area than other body parts what should I do for this ?

1 Answer
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 7 yr 2 m old boy3 years ago
A. For weight gain... you should give him , banana, ghee, butter, whole cream yoghurt, cheese, paneer, avacado, sweet potatoes, potatoes, ragi, etc please breastfeed him more often.. And for more time in one go... give her more of the hind milk (the later part of the breast milk, the thicker part).... so feed him more from one side atleast 20 minutes from one side before switching the breast... this will give her more hind milk and fat to increase the weight, immunity and overall development of the baby...
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