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Mom of a 2 yr 3 m old boy

When to make babies stand on their legs with our fingers support ?

2 Answers
ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician1 Year ago
A. You mean stand with support : Rolling over comes at 2-5 months of age. Proper neck holding comes at 3-5 months of age. Commomly baby start to sit with support at 5-7 months of age and Sit without support at 6-8 months of age Baby start to crawl at 7-9 months of age Baby start to stand with support at 10-11 months of age And stand without support at 11-13 months of age Baby start to walk with support at 12-14 months of age and walk without support at 14 -15 months of age. Wait for some more days Encourage ur baby for each and every activities of ur baby Stay with ur baby only It will help  for  early achievement of millstones.
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