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Mom of a 2 yr 4 m old boyFeb 15, 2020

Q. #asktheexpert My son is suffering from cough and cold every week what can i do even cheak with dr also but medicine is on he will recover but then next same thing

ExpertDr Arti SharmaPaediatricianFeb 15, 2020
A. Hi build immunity by giving nutritious food cereal porridges fruits and vegetables dry fruits warm soups dals turmeric milk honey tulsi ginger hand washing is important for preventing Infections vaccinate as scheduled
Author of questionMom of 2 childrenFeb 15, 2020
A. What is dink laddoo
Kirti ChandwalkerMom of 2 childrenFeb 15, 2020
A. sincere babies having less immunity so you should give dates. pomegranate spinach tomato and beetroot in abundance also you should give baby Dink ladoo. it all increases immunity. so it will make your baby strong and healthy try this and it will help.
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