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Mom of a 3 yr 7 m old boy

since last 4-5 days every night my 4 months son starts crying at late night and takes feed off and on and stretches and cries it seems that he has aome gas issue due to which he is not able to take feed....the moment i give him colic aid he takes his feed and sleeps...wat should i do...

2 Answers
ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist3 years ago
A. colic is diagnosed when its crying persistently for atleast 3 hours in a day for 3 days in a week for minimum of 3 weeks. gases occur commonly due to inadequate burping which may add up to crying. keep burping after every feed. hold the baby upright after feeding for sometime. do tummy time everyday. also try swaddling, moving, rocking your baby. try massaging, bathing , check which one helps in reduction in crying. some babies also become calm when taken outside for a ride. have patience, it usually improves by 4 months of age.
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