Mom of a 2 yr 11 m old boy

Q. Q. sleep issues.any sleep consultant or experts please help. any mom who faced same issues My 3 month old son is sleeping in cradle from day 1. i want him to sleep in bed next to me. main problem is its difficult to stop cradle sleep. my nephew slept in cradle for 3 years. it was always tiring to rock him coz of hand pain. with great difficulty v stopped cradle. also v had to carry the cradle where ever v had to go. mostly v never go out coz of this. i don't want the same to happen again. any tips to make baby sleep in bed and not in cradle strategies : 1. make him sleep in cradle, once he s in deep sleep put him in bed ( disadvantage - he stretches a lot to pass gas and he wakes up due to that shaking n cradle feel not der) 2. he sleeps while feeding. keep him in my hand full time when he sleeps. disadvantage i can't move. have not tried this still 3. make him sleep in bed compulsorily. i tried this but he started crying on top of his voice. felt bad and after few mins put him in cradle. am not sure if i allow him to cry excessive ly at one point he might sleep getting tired. but cud not see him crying badly. how much ever he is sleepy he keeps yawning he refuses to sleep his 4th month started, he is fascinated by lights. his sleep is all over the place. he sleeps at 4 am fully awake at night. am really frustrated. only my mom is der to help she is also 65 yrs old n has only some capacity. my spinal.cord aches when I stand n rock cradle. today severe pain i dint sleep at all.ifeel like crying all the time. sometimes i show my anger on my very caring sweet husband. my son controls his sleep. am really worried. please someone help me. any baby sleep consultant or experts

Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 11 m old boy
A. actually only time will solve this issue. now my son is 1 year and 7 months. actually I made him sleep in bed at night next to me and morning time in cradle. slowly he got used to sleeping in bed and he enjoys a lot in bed doing somersault now. I know it's frustrating now but ur situation will resolve. jus make Ur son sleep however he is comfortable he is very small and needs to be comfortable now but at the same time start the changes slowly. he won't get accustomed to the new pattern easily. even am thinking to stop cradle slowly but it's comfortable for me and also him. I can do house chores without any fear else he ll be jumping up and down and even fell from bed one day. so take things one at a time. my suggestion is don't start cradle for newborn, if u have started already dont expect things to change as u like and fast
Ronita MondalMom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy
A. hi did u able to mk Ur baby sleep on bed now? please help me.m facing same prblm
Ronita MondalMom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy
A. m facing xactly same prblm..moreover am all alone to tk kr of my husband also will b outsd fr job
anuMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy
A. mine cries for 4 to 5 min before going into deep sleep ...n i cant let him sleep on his back.... i have toooo. make him sleep on his tummy then only he can sleeo for sometm
Ishita PMom of a 6 yr old boy
A. hav u tried using a cord to tie the cradle with ur foot or bed and just giv it a tug once in a while. babies in cradle move away to independent single bed lot faster.
Amrita RaoMom of 2 children
A. Yes I can understand its very exhausting but we need to function and take care of baby the next day with full zeal and enthusiasm. First of all google and read about baby sleep. Babies sleep in blocks they cant sleep at a stretch like us and this is needed for brain development. Four month old baby wake time is 1.25-1.75 hrs. So dont overtire the baby by keeping him awake for long. Before putting baby for nap make sure he is well fed and tired also. Maintain a sleep and activity log for the baby and you will be able to get the hang of baby's internal clock in a week. There is lot of research regarding baby sleep and you can read and implement some of the knowledge.
Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 11 m old boy
A. thanks ladies. is it too late to start sleep training in bed? will he adapt? it ll be difficult for him to adapt after 6 months right? one more thing , if i keep him awake for a long time in bed trying so that he will sleep on his own, he never sleeps even if he is 200% sleepy. after that when I put him in cradle, he shouts a lot and my mom has to shout on top of his voice to calm him down. also is it ok to make him cry i.e if i never put him in cradle suddenly from 3 days?? if i continue to do that will he be capable to adapt? but am afraid that if i make him cry excessively it ll harm him and later he bcum unconsolable.
CharuMom of a 4 yr 7 m old boy
A. hi dear..your son is only 4 months and your are taking extra ordinary tensions in your mind.. you are worried about your 4 m son.. just relax..keep your mind d calm..don't be so tense..90% babies having the "quality not to sleep at night".. you just pampered him as much as possible, so Mother feed every 2-2 hr gap.remove your baby cradle in front of you.. so that your mom d be relax and give you space in the room..while sleeping feed him and pampered him.. slowly slowly he is used to you with your cradle habbit then..
Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 1 m old child
A. Hi u can try dis second strategy during day time first.. I. E., 2. he sleeps while feeding. keep him in my hand full time when he sleeps. disadvantage i can't move. have not tried this still.. Yes it may be difficult for u to to move still u have to follow for some days n slowly put yo baby to bed once in deep sleep... Be next to him for few days n pat him wen he wakes.. First try out day tym... Later night
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