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Guardian of a 7 yr 7 m old boy

please suggest me some toys to improve the fine motor skills.. age of my child is 4 years.. still he can't write anything..

1 Answer
Samidha MathurMom of 2 children3 years ago
A. hi, fine motor skills developed through practice.. the best way to practice is true play colouring a picture or playing with play doh for example.. when the motions are repeated in our muscles memory is created and the movements become automatic.. fine motor movements are the actions performed with the small muscles in hand, fingers and wrist.. repeating this activity will help a child refined refined motor movement and become more precise.. you can ask your kid to play with magnets on the refrigerator.. let your child also rip scrap paper into the pieces and count how many pieces he created... playing the keyboard can improve fine Motor skills and increase coordination specifically eye hand coordination..
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