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Mom of a 1 yr 8 m old girlOct 13, 2018

Q. please me suggest me Dr I gave hepatites B vaccine at the time of birth , not yet given 2 and 3 dose as any problem not given. in govt hosp they said need not to give hep 2 and hep 3

ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric IntensivistOct 13, 2018
A. how it's possible?? ask about mandatory vaccines. bcg opv at birth. ipv diphtheria pertussis tetanus hib hepb should be given at 6 10 14 weeks. Measles mumps Rubella at 9 months. pcv, rotavirus are optional. pneumococcal vaccine is against certain bacteria called strep pneumoniae. it protects against pneumonia , meningitis and sepsis caused by these particular bacteria only. viral infections still can occur.
SanthoshiiMom of a 2 yr 8 m old girlOct 13, 2018
A. All vaccines are important and compulsory to babies. Few hospitals would say few are mandatory and few are not compulsory still all vaccines are must for babies. Never miss any vaccine to your child. Please refer this and compare with your hospital chart, Vaccinations to be given at birth (Newborn) BCG OPV 0 Hepatitis-B 1 These are some vaccines which have to be given right after the birth of the baby, before it gets discharged from the hospital. Vaccines for 6 weeks baby (1.5 Month Old) IPV 1 Hepatitis-B 2 DTP 1 Rotavirus 1 Influenza type B (Hib 1) PCV 1 The last mentioned vaccines are not compulsory, but you should give it to the baby. #3. Vaccinations for 10 weeks baby (2.5 Month Old) DTP 2 IPV 2 Influenza type B (Hib 2) Rotavirus 2 PCV 2 #4. Vaccines at 14 weeks (3.5 Month Old) DTP 3 IPV 3 Hib 3 Rotavirus 3 PCV 3 #5. Vaccinations for 6 Months Old OPV 1 Hep-B 3 #6. Vaccines for 9 months old baby OPV 2 MMR 1 #7. Vaccines for 9-12 months old baby Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Currently, two typhoid conjugate vaccines, Typbar-TCV and PedaTyph available in Indian market; either can be used. Vaccinations for one year old baby (12 Month Old) Hep-A 1 #9. Vaccines for baby at 1.3 years (15 Month Old) MMRVaricellaPCV Booster You have to provide the baby with the varicella vaccine at this age. The vaccine is given to protect against chickenpox. #10. Vaccination for 1.4 years old (16-18 Month Old) DTP B1IPV B1Hib B1 #11. Vaccination for 1.6 year old baby (18 Months Old) Hep-A 2 After one year and six months of the birth, another dose of hepatitis A is to be given to the baby. #12. Vaccination for 2 year old baby (24 Months Old) Booster of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine A booster dose of Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV), if primary dose is given at 9-12 months. #13. Vaccines for 4-6 years old baby DTP B2OPV 3Varicella 2MMR 3 Second dose of Varicella(Chickenpox) can be given at anytime 3 months after the first dose. Thrid dose of MMR is recommended for a 4-6 year old child. #14. Vaccination for 10-12 years old child
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