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Guardian of a 3 yr 1 m old girl

Q. #AskTheExpert on my baby's cheeks, red spots on light dark patches type are ther and dat area of d skin has also become dry. since a few days I shifted to anothr place. Is it due to climate change or sunburn?plz suggest any remedy.

Author of questionGuardian of a 3 yr 1 m old girl
A. Thnx to u both
Nitika Dhingra Rawal Dhingra RawalMom of a 4 yr 1 m old boy
A. Hello dear Yes both could be the reason..apply coconut oil and also show it once to a pediatrician for better treatment
Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 2 m old child
A. Hello...yes change in climate can at times cause minor infection...nothing to worry...avoid detergent with fragrance ...
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