Mom of a 7 m old girl3 weeks ago

Q. nw my baby is 7months she is not gain weight.... she is passing motion day by day ...iam feeding my milk only...and giving home made ceralac daily two times and evening apple puri to gain she is waight

ExpertDr. Arva BhavnagarwalaPaediatrician2 weeks ago
A. Hi. The weaning phase has that effect. Babies gain weight a bit slow. So dont worry. Continue feeding semi solids to her. As she grows a bit older, reduce the milk. Also, you can add ghee to the home made cerelac before serving her.
Swati MMom of a 3 yr 11 m old girl3 weeks ago
A. Hi If the baby is getting lose motion you need to check with the doctor otherwise it is okay for the baby to not to be worried about over the same it is perfectly fine for the baby to be passing motion five or six times in a day
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