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Mom of a 1 yr 6 m old girlOct 04, 2018

Q. My two months old baby girl keeps crying all the time. She just won't stay quiet on bed or in arms. She is only quiet and still when she is sleeping. And she only sleeps while being fed to full then she falls asleep otherwise she just won't sleep or stay quiet. Always crying. Doctors say infants cry all the time. I have changed three doctors. None have stated a problem. They say child is fine. She is taking her daily vitamin drops and note she is on formula milk since day one as I'm still unable to feed her exclusively no matter what. I'm a new mom and it's becoming more and more difficult each day. As much as I want to feed her breast milk exclusively I also want her to be calm and still. I'm unable to move away from her even for five minute when she is awake. When I say minute I really mean five minute. Why is my baby so aggressively crying all the time like she really screams to her last breath. Why is this happening? And what can I do about it?

Shilpa SalwanMom of 2 childrenOct 04, 2018
A. The reason is exclusive milk diet they are on. I would suggest you to give Himalaya's Bonisson syrup. It will help a lot. Apart from this add ajwain in your diet. To do so either you can add powdered ajawain to your dals or vegetables. If you do not wish to do that please take a tablespoon of ajwain and have it with water 3 times a day. Keep yourself well hydrated. Apart from this you can also boil a tablespoon of ajwain in a litre of water and drink it daily. It will keep you and your baby at a bay from constipation and gastric trouble. Try to add grapes and seasonal fruits to your diet. They always work wonders. When having pulses like red kidney beans or white choley try to use a pinch of hing or ginger powder in it.
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