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Mom of a 3 yr 3 m old boySep 02, 2018

Q. my son was a preterm with1200 gms weight. now he is 22 months and is 8.5 kgs weight. my major concern is after his first birthday he has just gain 1kg weight . is it an area of concern

ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric IntensivistSep 02, 2018
A. weight is little less. small cut pieces of banana, small roti rolls, cheese slice cut in small pieces, cut cucumber, soaked raisins can be served as finger foods.   include energy dense foods like banana, dryfruits , sheera add ghee , one spoon a day in total. have good physical activity. avoid screen time. also check for anemia, worms , vitamin deficiency if no improvement.
Author of questionMom of 2 childrenSep 02, 2018
A. hey thanku samidha . ya doctor says make him eat everything . and i do so
Samidha MathurMom of 2 childrenSep 02, 2018
A. no Dear even a the full term baby also get their weight very stagnant and hardly Getz 1.5 kg of weight after their first birthday... hence your baby is going on a very correct weight gain do not worry much and if you want to have a second consultation consult a good pediatrician...
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