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Mom of a 6 m old boyDec 06, 2019

Q. My son is was born in 35 weeks on 8.8.19. He is now 4 month old, he cannot sleep on his own at all. We always have to take him in arms or lap to make him asleep. Kindly suggest how to make him learn to sleep on his own. As well as he does not holds objects with both hands neither he tries to grab any object on his own, is his motor skills delayed, kindly suggest exercises for his proper motor skill development.

Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 3 m old boyDec 06, 2019
A. hello it is normal for babies at this age to expect someone make it sleep it is nothing to worry about your baby is just 4 months old and don't expect too much from your baby at this age and also it may take some more time for baby to hold small objects nothing to worry
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