Mom of a 6 m old boy2 months ago

Q. My son is 5 month old and suffering from cough what should i do

ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician2 months ago
A. Genrally cough and cold medicines are not recommended for children under six years of age....unless it is really required.. Breast milk is best home remedy for curing each and every disease in infants. .. Dry roast 2–3 garlic cloves & one tablespoon of ajwain on dry tawa or pan. Once its roasted, switch off the flame. Make a potli out of it. You can place potli around baby’s bedding or in his cradle during sleep time. The garlicky ajwain smoke helps to get relief from blocked nose & chest congestion.
Swati Chowdhary MadanMom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl2 months ago
A. apply mustard oil with A Pinch of rock salt and chest back and neck of the baby give steam to the baby and also check for the doctor for proper medication
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