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Mom of a 2 yr 10 m old boy

Q. My son is 2yrs 5 months old. His speech is not developed yet. He makes his own sounds. He doesnt pay attention to what we say to him. Otherwise he is very active. His motor skills are well developed. Why is he not speaking? What should we do?

Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 10 m old boy
A. No he doesn't comprehend. He communicates through hand gestures only when he needs something.
ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist
A. I j does he comprehend what you speak? does he communicate well with eye contact. if not better to consult paediatrician, speech therapist. encourage speaking, do not overcorrect his words, tell stories, regular conversations, asking leading questions, songs with hand gestures will help..
Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 10 m old boy
A. ok,thnx
sonalMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy
A. hello Mommy! how are you? you must consult a speech therapist. some children start speaking late however at this age he should have a vocabulary of basic words with which he can explain things
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