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Father of a 1 yr 8 m old boyJul 08, 2019

Q. my son is 1 year old his weight is 8.1 kg we try to feed him every 3 hrs but he vomits after every feed mostly breakfast is cerelac with rice,dal grinded in mixer for lunch , fruits in eve.

harikaMom of a 2 yr 1 m old boyJul 08, 2019
A. as ur son is 1year. u can start with 2 times rice afternoon and night. no need to use mixer. use rice and water in the ratio 1:4 or 1:5. rice will b somewhat paste. u can feed him. by one yr my son used to have his milk in the mrng then homemade cerelac... in the afternoon rice with dal and curd. he sleeps. after waking up 1 or 2 fruits. and dinner by 7:30.. milk by 10...
Author of questionFather of a 1 yr 8 m old boyJul 08, 2019
A. Thnx for the prompt reply,the reason for grinding is if something obstructs in his throat then he coughs and starts to vomit we are trying our best to feed him different food but he hesitates a lot but we don't pressurize him to eat. Do you think we need to consult the doctor or give him some more time otherwise he is very very active
ExpertKanika AroraNutritionistJul 08, 2019
A. hello dear good afternoon no need to grind the food first of all by this age baby can chew the food if not by the teeth then baby can also to buy the gums try to make the baby teach how to chew the food now slowly counsel the child keep trying with giving different food items to the baby do not always give rice Dal chapati vegetable you can also try giving besan Dhokla it can be cheese roll it can be potato fries etc
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