Mom of a 6 yr 2 m old boy2 years ago

Q. my son has gastric vercies and portal hypertension along with splenomegaly and delayed milestones. he started walking at age of 3. at birth he was operated for t.o.fistula type C.. dr. suggested to go for bending after age of 6. now he is 3.7. dr. adviced to avoid spicy food and food with heat property like papaya etc . his weight is 10.6 kg now..height is good but muscle tone is weak. can u plz advice whether v can give him nonveg or anything which can increase weight and muscle tone.? and plz let us know whether this condition is treatable or not. his milestones are improving day by day.

Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr old child2 years ago
A. Hello...I think you better check with doctor for more information about it varies from individuals to individual
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