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Mom of a 2 yr 7 m old boy

my son 10 month old dint gain proper weight from 4 months. He was 7 kg when he was 6 month old and now he is 7.6 kg. His birth weight is 2.1 kg as he was born premature. what should I include in his diet to gain weight

1 Answer
PallaviMom of a 4 yr 5 m old girl1 Year ago
A. hello try to give weight gaining foods to your baby... everyday in baby's diet...Few healthy foods for kids to gain weight. Potatoes. This humble vegetable is rich in carbohydrates, amino acids and dietary fibre, making weight-gain a healthy affair. ... Eggs. ... Bananas. ... Dairy products. paneer etc Chicken and other lean meats. ... Dry fruits. ...very important for kids. Ghee...put a teaspoon in all foods. Oats. with mashed banana or avacado is super healthy.
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