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Father of a 1 yr 8 m old boy

My mother in law infected of covid as well my hubby today his 8th and my mother in law has 14 th day but I am not yet I left the home last Saturday so my question is should I move to home now or not

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Mom of a 1 yr 7 m old girl
Q. Firstly Apologise for such kind of question but could not resist to seek advise from wherever possible. I am born and bought up in small family in town but my parents educated us well. I have 2 sisters and 1brother to whom i am very much attached of course all the siblings share the same bond but after marriage (arrange marriage) by husband is single child he had elder brother but he died 10 years back and unfortunately my father in law is raised like he also have no blood relations and my mis worst thing is my mother is law doesn’t care at all about her 2 brothers and seriously ill mother they stay at 7 min far from our house but my mother in law dont visit her ill mother to see. I have1 15 months old daughter, so this is the background and issue starts from my delivery. After my baby’s birth being my first child i was so so highly excited about everything like her home welcome or her naming ceremony or her photo shoot or her first birthday or let it be her any small thing i always wanted to celebrate but nothing has happened of course we celebrated her birthday in short cut cause of covid but rest nothing. I have requested many tyms my hubby that pls atleast click our photos in mobile when we i and my baby are playing or having but he has never done it. I normally never complain about my inlaws to him and neither do i argue with my i laws related to anything whatever they say i do. They told to leave me job after delivery i left they told me to live pune and shift nashik i did they said you could not frequently visit your maternal place parents i did but after all this still i dont know how and what went wrong they have hell lot of complaints about me which they directly did to my parents after knowing that my father had already gone through minor heart attack. My husband and my mother and father in law without giving me any idea or any single word hint when at late evening i and my baby was sleeping they locked us from out and went to my maternal place to tell them how bad i behave. They behave very nice and very good on my face so i never thought that anything is going wrong I swear i dint have any idea. I use to take out frustration on my hubby if am angry but never on in laws but they complaint my parents that i am very bad daughter in law, wife and mother.i never thought of this could every happen they insulted my parents causing my father to cry in his dreams too. My father took me with him and i stayed with them for one and half month during this period my in-laws dint even call or messaged to ask about their grand child. They said instead of marrying me they would have kept their son un married. They keep saying me leave the house it is not yours. Also they they keep back bitching i am so shocked cause my husband is also included in all matter. Now my parents no one from my maternal come at my place neither they do call.its been 3 months but i could not at all forget how badly they have insulted me and my parents but even though I thought whatever has happened is past and even if i dont want a husband my child needs father and family so forget and lets start newly freshly as my in laws want me to be but again after a week my husband and father in law scolded me literally there was no reason and i was blank could not say anything as usual. I beat my baby out of this frustration i am literally crying posting this question but am helpless i dont know what to do. I really dont know pls someone help me. I am going mad i dont speak single word to anyone i am bot being able to sit with my fmily because if i go in them they taunt me on something. Am I really going wrong any where they say that you are 100 % wrong and we care you a lot but you gave us 0 returns.My father in law always keep saying how much he spent on me or my baby ok fine i am no one to him but my baby is his grand child then y. Once again sorry for so lengthy post I doubt if anybody is going to read so long and reply
Guardian of a 6 m old girl
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