Father of a 2 yr 4 m old girl

Q. #AskTheExpert My kid is 22 months old and still she hasn’t crossed 8.5 kg, though she is active we are worried about her weight gain. Please suggest some foods to gain weights Dr.

ExpertDr. Minal AcharyaNutritionist
A. weight for the age of baby is on the lower side. for healthy weight gain, give adequate Quantity and frequency of top food. give homemade balanced diet having variety of food groups especially seasonal fruits and vegetables even green leafy vegetables. give top food five or more times a day and up to one katori every time. add Ghee to every meal. add powdered nuts like almond peanut cashew nuts walnuts to baby's food. you can give eggs and other non veg food. use full cream top milk to prepare recipes like porridge, Kheer and give as milk products like curd paneer cheese.
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