Father of a 2 yr 4 m old girl2 years ago

Q. My daughter is on breast feeding. Since last 3 days she is puking after every feeding. We have visited doctor too, and as per doctor it's normal. Due to excessive puking, we fed her with formula milk. Since then she has not puking as like breast feeding. Is there something wrong with breast feeding or she is not able to digest breast milk. Please help and suggest. She is 46 days old.

PurnimaMom of 2 children2 years ago
A. Vomiting is very common symptom in babies. The most common cause of a baby vomiting in the early weeks is by some of the milk being brought up with a pocket of air, when your baby burps. The other term for this type of vomiting is 'positing'. If milk comes up soon after a feed, it looks (and smells) fairly similar to how it went down - a milky liquid. If the milk comes up a while after the feed, it will usually be partially digested, and often have lumps of curdled milk. The other reason why babies vomit frequently is because the muscle valve at the top of their stomach is weak and immature. In adults, this valve closes tightly after swallowing food, to keep food down. It takes a great deal of force to push this valve open to allow an adult to vomit. For babies, the valve does close, but not as tightly. It can be easily forced open with gentle pressure behind it. She will eventually 'grow out' of it by the time she is one year old (or even earlier for some). It may improve somewhat, after six months or so, when your baby is eventually sitting up, and spending more time in upright positions. Do not change your baby's feeding pattern in an attempt to fix the vomiting. Giving her more feeds, or spacing feeds further apart will not alter her vomiting. If you are concerned she is vomiting excessively, or seems unwell or distressed, you should seek medical advice.
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 5 yr 9 m old boy2 years ago
A. Spitting and Vommitting are very normal... especially in small babies..as their reflux system is still developing... so it can send back the milk.. sometimes even through nose as mouth and nose are internally connected... it's normal.. So please burp him regularly before, during and after the feed.. also keep him in the upright position for some time even after the burping.. also don't over feed him.. some baby keep on sucking for comfort .. this lead to overfed.. Also keep a watch on what you're eating.. Also the baby vomit during the cold and cough as like we adults they cannot spit out the phulgum, so they Vomit it out... So vomiting during cough and cold is also common... So check for cold and cough too if the Frequency of vomiting is very high then please consult the pediatrician regarding the same .
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