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Mom of a 11 m old girlNov 07, 2019

Q. my daughter is 8 months old, she will standing in her toe ,she not put foot completely

Author of questionMom of a 11 m old girlFeb 08, 2020
A. tnq mam
ExpertDr Shradha shikharePaediatricianNov 07, 2019
A. hi mom u can wait , baby is too small for standing or walking... till 11 months baby will walk and till 18 months generally now just feed the child well ...
sweetyMom of a 4 yr 1 m old girlNov 07, 2019
A. sometimes babies do like this and it is there habit also it will be better if you try to correct your baby posture right now so as to avoid any for the issue if it is not helping please check with the doctor he will be guiding with some methods over the
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