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Mom of a 6 m old girl

Q. #coldcoughfever my daughter is 4month old and has congestion and refluxes since she is born.. i am giving her maxtra drops and advent from 5days and see no improvement.. also nebulise her trice a day with levolin .31 .. she had developed fever 5days back.. now she does not have fever only prolonged cough n congestion.. what can be done plz help as i am unable to take her to doctor also at this point of time..

VishakhMom of a 4 m old boy
A. dear doctor.. I had urine culture for my baby the report is "some bacteria seen". so we took culture test and i have attached the same. no one is replying for my doubt. could you please check and let me have your response as soon as possible.
ExpertDr Javed HussainPediatric Surgeon
A. Viral bronchitis generally lasts for around 7 to 10 days in infants. However, some may have symptoms such as coughing that could last for around 3 to 4 weeks. Bronchitis usually takes 1-2 weeks to ease, and generally, doesn’t cause any complications. If your child’s coughing and wheezing persists, some short-term anti-asthma medication is advisable. Please try to reach out to a nearest hospital if symptoms worsen
Jasmine D’SouzaMom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy
A. Hi mom. If your child is having cold and cough then you have to give steam to the baby 2 times a day. hold the baby in the bathroom by keeping the shower on also you can hold the baby on the lap and give the steam. even you can use sinple nasal saline drops just before the feed and before the sleep which relief the nasal congestion. Ajwain and garlic roasted make a potli and keep near the head of the baby
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