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Mom of a 2 yr 11 m old girlJul 06, 2018

Q. #AskTheExpert my daughter is 16 months old. how can I keep her engaged. she has a very sharp memory. what activities I can give her which will help her brain development and motor skills? thank you

Samidha MathurMom of 2 childrenJul 06, 2018
A. hi, you can give her ring and stacks toys... some toys with bright colours... talk to her often about rhymes and give her a ball tomplay.. this increase the motor skills.
Nitika Dhingra Rawal Dhingra RawalMom of a 4 yr 2 m old boyJul 06, 2018
A. Hello dear Get her colourful toys like stacking ones, some blocks, fruits and vegetables blocks and similar ones
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