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Mom of a 3 yr 9 m old girl

My daughter 4 months old. She sleeps for maximum two hours at a stretch even in the night also and then starts crying badly. She z taking proper feeds also. Plz if advice if this is normal as I believe kids of this age start sleeping for atleast 4-5 hrs at a stretch in night.

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Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children3 years ago
A. She may have colic pain. Try to keep the baby close to u and rest her on your chest and walk around comforting her tummy. Lay down the baby on her back and pedal her legs if in case there was any gas it will be released. Dim the lights, lessen the outside noise and be close to her, comforting her. The real cause of colic pain is unknown and differs with each baby . It will get away on its own as the baby grows. Usually colic pain comes around evenings or nights or at the same part of the day and for three to four days every week. You can understand that it is colic pain with the timing and the baby will be restless crying for long hours.. Few things you can do to prevent colic pain not altogether though. Feed the baby in an upright position do she doesn't swallow many air bubbles. burp her every time after feeds. Give small and frequent feeds. If things seem to be very uncontrollable consult with ur doctor. He may prescribe medicine like colicaid to soothe the colic pain..
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